Bitcoin Private Fork Aiming to Make Bitcoin Anonymous



SO, we now have bitcoin gold, diamond, private, cash.

Starting to look more like a lame pokemon series than a disruptive technology that changes the world. Sick of this rebranding for recognition shit, how is this better than what verge offers? other than the fact that you get to say “bitcoin” when you talk about zclassic fork?

Further, Mimblewimble will also do this for the actual btc once they get it all worked out. The bitcoin team works slowly, but they make damn sure the coin is secure before moving into another layer.


According to BitcoinPrivate’s website, the Snapshot date is 2/28, but the Fork date is approximately 2 days later?

What is the difference? When can we safely get rid of our ZCL and not miss out on the BTCP? After the snapshot, or after the fork?


I always loved the idea of anonymity going back to egold days, but the reality is the platforms or coins that specifically market themselves this way will be the ones that will receive the most attention by the authorities they are trying to make themselves anonymous FROM, and will be the first targeted in regulatory focus. Guaranteed.


ZCL be like “All I want to know is who’s coming with me, who’s coming man who’s coming with me man!!!”


So with BTCP on the horizon what do you think will happen to BitcoinZ and other privacy coins? I’m a hodler or BitcoinZ but concerned that it will be obsolete soon.


As crypto becomes maintream i think privacy coins will be in hi demand. Some not all :rocket::100: xmr zec defo good shouts even Dash. Hope you toped up in the dip


Privacy coins will be like Catch me if you can lol