Bitcoin Price Thread



9 more ETF decisions before end of september… :roll_eyes:

The revolution is in for a tough month… Again! :joy:


See…It was actually a Grrreeeaaaat Day yesterday and we all got moar cheap king coin… :joy:


Dont want to upset the Doc with all my good news…so here is a nice bit of wank bank material for Mr Doom…


Damn that looks familiar… :thinking:
…I need to be going Full Bull on that fucker… :rofl:


Hahaha. Mac you fucking get me lad, this one actually made me properly chuckle.


Stepping back to take a long term view of BTC’s price. Using log scale to get better perspective:


I wonder if the whales and big companies know that the ETF will be approved on the last day of Q3. Prices will moon in Q4, and Coinbase will add more coins and make a killing on fees.


Afternoon mate looking at a nice short on EUR/USD again target price 1.15100 then 1.14850 nice little profit to be made :v:


long term charts always best todays price don’t interest me 1 bit :cowboy_hat_face:


Afternoon Buddy… All good stuff on the trading front… :+1:
Im balls deep in the Bitcoin Bounce again… :joy:

I reckon that is a song by the Ramones? :thinking:



I published an ETF calendar for you today.


My guess is ProShares will be denied in August and VanEck will be approved in Feb 2019. ( I believe the VanEck ETF is geared toward high net worth individuals, making it more likely that the SEC will approve that one.)


The ETF isn’t even that bullish compared to the Bakkt announcement. But of course this market remains broken and unresponsive to fundamentals. :man_shrugging:


You are absolutely correct! BAKKT will be up and running crypto to your local broker / IRA / 401k well before a WHALE ETF gets approved. Why does every one even care any more about this shitty little ETF deal. Its Peanuts by comparison.


I’ve been out of the crypto news loop for the past week and looked into bakkt when you posted about it the other day. This is massive adoption news. Bitcoin is going mainstream.


I know sarcasm when I see it Sparky. Hence very funny :crazy_face::rofl:


Hey guys, complete newbie here. I’ve been buying crypto for a year now. Stocking up on litecoin because I want to leverage it into bitcoin whenever the price hits a point where I can leverage it into a bitcoin or two. It was my only shot, I thought, because I didn’t exactly make much money at the time.

Anyway, now purchasing bitcoin weekly.

Here’s my question:

Would you focus more on accumulating a single bitcoin (I don’t have a full bitcoin yet), or building a portfolio of alts that has the potential to grow at significantly higher speed, and leveraging that into bitcoin?

Thanks in advance for your tips!


I’m sure I’m not as qualified to answer this question as lots of other people here… I decided to prioritise a full Bitcoin but also bought some alt that I found interesting. I like the idea of owing lots of a potentially promising alt so I bought Cardano, Neo, Omisego, Augur and Iota as well. But if I had to make the choice I’d get the 1 btc first, I think.


Big money will push Bitcoin down as much as possible to get the best buy in. $6K is proving to be strong resistance, so if they can’t push it lower than that, we might see a steady increase in price until we find newer support. The news is having a very positive effect, but accumulating and buying cheap BTC is still their priority.


I believe 6k support will fall, there is only so many times it can be tested before it breaks. The only good thing for the bulls at the moment is shorts are very high, so a short squeeze could well happen.

All my thoughts:

Though I personally expect we get a small move up to $6800 here, before our next drop down.


This is how I see it: Bitcoin is the leader so any market action to the upside will first start with bitcoin. If a new bull market starts, it will start with bitcoin.
So focus on btc for now and as we see the market getting into a decent bull mode, altcoins will follow. At that point you can start moving into alts. Any btc price move, whether up or down, will be mirrored by the altcoins. The move won’t be a 1:1 but maybe 1.5:1 or even greater. The perceived risk of the altcoin will determine the “leverage factor” relative to bitcoin. (sort of like a stock’s beta which measures risk of a single stock versus the overall market).