Bitcoin Price Thread



Gotta Buy them all fuck the ETF you know it will come in the end 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 fuck i dont really care just keep investing what you can afford right now thats my advise. I see it as a child’s Trust you cant get your hands on anything for 18years so ive got 17 to go with BTC :wink:


Wow is that a thing?

I was thinking about doing something similar. So much for my innovative idea :joy:


Fuck an ETF…
the reward was meant to come from early bird user adoption of the crypto revolution…
and it did…trouble was the greedy fucking wall street insider club fancied ruining the party as they aint got no bags,throwing their weight around and taking the little persons coins by fear…
Totally reversing the adoption of a new currency and turning it into a unregulated,leveraged money making tool.
I for one would love to see 80 million new bitcoins airdrop in… :wink:
Watch those fuckers squirm like Tesla shorters on meth… :joy:
Wheres Elon Musk when we need him tweeting he got ICX bags… :sunglasses:


With BAKKT institutions will be able to offer Crypto to ALL through online trading platforms, 401k’s, and IRA’s! Who gives a shit about the CBOE ETF for the filthy rich whales and institutions! However this may be terrible news for Coinbase and the like.


Bottom line is that we’ve made tremendous strides in the technology and there has been a ton of good news since last December, yet, mostly thanks to aggressive negative PR campaigns from establishment finance, the markets have tanked. All the while the banksters buy crypto through privately brokered transaction so as to remain anonymous and not affect the markets.


True. The market just hasn’t understood the implications from BAKKT yet.


Anyone remember this…
“Hedge funder buys rights to drug used by AIDS patients and raises price from $13.50 to $750 per pill”
Pretty much sums up the situation,just swap pill for coin and thats their game,be sweet if they are left holding the bags…and an alt coin rises to rule them all.
Im no better than a bankster now…just trading BTC and watching the crypto revolution fade away as FUD forces small bags out the scene… Those that need it most, I’m guessing too. :cry:


He’s got one of them faces… The face that’s begs to be stamped on!


This is not the transfer of wealth we were hoping for.


Sideways till Jan 2019 ? :butthurt:


I don’t think so. “Physical delivery” futures supposed to start trading in November (subject to CFTC approval, which I don’t think will be a problems since we already have “cash settled futures”). So they’ll have to buy up a ton of bitcoin to build an inventory beforehand.


Mother of all bull flags.




The SEC’s unbroken pattern for etf’s is delay followed by denial. Some paper brown bags will need to be slid under the table if they will be approved with the current market conditions


And so shall it always be. Likewise BTC has been going down down down since January. And so it shall always be. Once it reaches zero it will go negative and you will have to pay for every satoshi you have in your wallet. Do I understand your logic correctly now?


My logic is that there has to be a change in order for the pattern to stop. I havn’t seen a change, so i’m expecting a continuation.

Eventually when the sellers run out and people get bored with btc, and something in the fundamentals changes, i don’t see why price won’t go up

Going to 0 though is too convenient of a death. Bitconnect recently pumped to 2x. As long as there is money to be made and the space is unregulated, someone will be trading


Cash settled futures should never have been given the go ahead…The fact they were,said it all. It opened the flood gates for manipulation and spot fixing.
Throw in OTC trades through exchanges that dont even list these transactions and you are swimming with sharks…Not bears. No such thing in Bitcoin. Just noob traders too scared to enter the waters or running for the beach…but they all want in…:thinking:

No one knows where price is going long term…:beers:


The sellers have all about dried up…I would have thought a volume fella would have sussed that with hashrate at an all time high…hence the manipulation down…
Nope it will be owned by Bank wankers for Bank wankers… Everywhere they go they turn up late to the party and kill the Golden Goose…All the high reward commodities are owned by little fish and sold on to the big fish…Trouble is the big fish make their money in dividends,lets see how long it takes to realise that wont work here… 4K to 20K was a great trend… 1K to 2K ,not so much.


Guess it depends on what you are calling a “change”. I think we have seen many “potential” changes. The biggest of which is BAKKT. If this is true then as soon as November brokerages will be able to offer up crypto to IRA’s, 401k’s, trding platforms, etc. Better than the lame CBOE ETF.


Well btc entered a volume well at 7.3k, which explains the low volume moves. I’m expecting big volume sell offs when high volume trading nodes break, like at 5.7k

I agree with the sentiment about futures. But btc is such a speculative instrument because it doesn’t produce anything, so course there are no dividends. To put it simply, many are waiting for the bottom so the next group of greater fools can come in. Its funny because even if the next group was warned, they would jump in. The greater fool theory is painted all over the btc charts since its inception