Bitcoin Price Thread



i;d scale down to lower price targets, next leg down could be crazy


Is that how your’e playing it? I’m really hoping we can get down around the 3k range, Iv’e got buy orders in for 24c and below. I just can’t see this 1k BTC everyone is hoping for. If we get anywhere close to that it will be swallowed up like candy.

Very easy to FOMO in right now, and if i wasn’t a season campaigner in this space i might have done so.

The chart you posted how long until we hit those resistance lines on the flag?


not saying we will get to 1k but doesnt seem that 3.6k was the bottom, who knows :man_shrugging:t2:


At $19k BTC they said if it ever goes down to $10k it will be swallowed up like candy…

Then $7k…then $5k… People always saying “Wow if I ever have the chance to buy it back down at $X again I will back up the truck!!!” Then X comes, and the same folks are the ones selling in fear instead.

These markets are quite behavioral. I find it all fascinating.


Hello everyone,

What happened last week was it went up and I was expecting a correction on Monday. It didnt really happen til Wednesday.

So how about this. I reckon by Wednesday next week you will see the big boys move in and you will see a tumble. It might be Tuesday. Who knows.

Thats what I put my money on.


Being a victim of society and the system is only YOUR FAULT It is the consequences of your choices and your actions in life, it seems unfair to you? yes, but since when is life just? The world is dominated by people who have produced more values ​​than YOU, by those who stand out and who will help you become consumers of their own reality.

It’s the law of the market.

You have seen nothing yet. :wink:


I agree 100%. There are forces outside ourselves.

It is up to us to respond.

NOT react.



Here we go…how low can you go.


this is for your bitcoin when it gets done shitting itself


I was a little wrong… the big money has been greedy… Looking at the trend. You might be getting a trend repeat… is it starting to form a wedge again?



See how the world changes and evolves. Cryptocurrency is the only answer and the only solution in the future of modern democracy.


I can see a potential sell order based on the Fib Retracement of 0.2719 USDT for ICX could be a possibility

anyone got any thoughts on this?


Fiat ready - wait? Decisions decisions…


Yet still worth 3800x more than the USD…


gonna need a refund on these shitty replays if you want to see the yenicorn again


I read the article. It’s pretty much full retard mode. The guy thinks that everyone in the world is going to stop mining because the price is temporarily lower than the cost of mining. As if no one will mine and save their coins for the price to change.

He also seems to think that the futures market has something to do with mining when it doesn’t. The futures market is not a real indication of the future price.

Then obviously the mining difficulty will adjust if tons of people stop mining. That will make it become profitable automatically. Going to zero because of the price compared to mining cost is absolutely stupid. The cost of mining adjusts… how clueless can people get?


Exactly. Whoever wrote it seems to subscribe to Marx’s labor theory of value, which is - how can I say this diplomatically - complete BS.


Descending pattern still in play


this is your approximate angle of descent @3900