Bitcoin Price Thread



Thank you my friend! :heart:

If this is a real bull run with some legs it will:

  1. Last over 24 hours
  2. Bounce off major moving averages on its way higher. EMA12 for hourly right now is $4,042

This is a welcomed relief rally upwards for bitcoin and other alts! I would say though do not FOMO into a position here, give it 24 hours if you’re after a position (unless you’re confident trading this).

Here is one setup I have noted if you would like a bullish scenario short term: $4200 NEEDS to go down first.


Bulltrap ? Damn my fiat was ready for 3k btc


As you can maybe tell from my post I believe this is overall a bulltrap, and we will make another lower low. But i’m still happy to trade these correctional bounces.


Just wondering if we’re still using Jimmy Songs sentiment analysis as gospel?


This is a sucker’s rally. This rally will fail like the others. :beetconnect:


Current bear market doesn’t even meet his previous criteria for 2015 :joy:

But yes, saying someone is ‘worthy’ of owning an investment instrument is kool aid material

‘become a person worthy to own a btc’ == fishing for remaining fools


This suckers rally netted some people including myself a nice profit :money_mouth_face:


I think this is a suckers rally as well. The suckers who panic sold at $3600 hoping to rebuy at $3000 or lower. BTC moving up now will be the most efficient way to extract more wealth from the impatient market participants. $3K is still certainly in the cards, but maybe not until 2019. $6K was dragged out for 11 months I don’t see why prices like $3000 and lower would come at any rush at this point.


From $4,500 to $3,000 (conservative) that is a 33% drop :beetconnect: with a possible wick to $2,750 would be a 39~% drop :beetconnect::beetconnect: … that’d kill some remaining bulls :man_shrugging:t2:



if we have a sustainable rally from here my 4k bottom prediction would be the most accurate and timely on this website, missing bitcoin by 500 dollars is crushing it this context

stick that in your charts and smoke it


call me


Next stop 4800 :saltbae:


Perhaps the US market being up humungus today has something to do with this…risk on, risk off, risk back on. Maybe at some point crypto will be a hedge, but today, not so much.



other than Quant, this is the first successful trade I’ve had in months. I’m still long, for now…


ya, that top quote is a joke~


i thought maybe it was, but FBO slow pplz


The similitude between the 2014 and 2018 bear market graph is quite amazing, be careful guys, BTC is not out of the woods …


Hey Pub family, new BTC technical analysis for you all. I cover my Elliott Wave count and price targets taken from Fibonacci extensions! Hope you all enjoy and any questions happy to help you out here or via DM :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::moneybag:


Gracias Daniel, espero ver la version en español tambien! :smile: