Bitcoin Price Thread



Guys control FOMO if we see another dip, this is just the 2nd week since BTC broke the 8 month old support of 6k, we could be in this low area for a while.


Anticipating a rounded bottom recovery with a few capitulation candles and long wicks rather than “V” shape. I’m with @leetorres in that there’s no rush to buy the bottom, it will be a long consolidation and accumulation phase.


yes, I feel now is about a good time to start a DCA program.


For all of you DCAing, what is your reoccurring schedule? Daily/Weekly/Monthly?


I like to DCA in when bitcoin costs between 10-20k then sell off when it costs like 3k


I DCA once a month, on pay day, and fire it into cold storage and forget about it.


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I’ve seen this chart before or something similar makes a lot of sense :ok_hand:
the accumulation phase was around 10 months in 2015. Hopefully we aren’t far away from the bottom and we get near 10 months to accumulate at these levels :crossed_fingers:


Every Friday, or Wednesday if there is any exceptional drop.
Then to cold storage as soon as funds clear.



I can see the next few months we will see a candle that will be looked back upon and know that was the bottom. Not saying we’re going to the moon :rocket: after that, but hopefully some of us can become OG bottom buyers :rofl: for the next up cycle that we all know is awaiting us in the future. Accumulate little bits along the way and stay zoomed out and focused on the big picture. Sentiment towards bitcoin might stay pretty ugly for a while, but that will eventually change again.


You know it mate, I think I heard somewhere that generally the longer markets progress in time, the more drawn out the up cycles become. I’m actually hoping this is the case, I’d love a bit longer than 10 months to accumulate the dips. :fist:


That’s brilliant man :joy:


Bitcoin hold on! I need more Fiat plz :sob:




ATH for my portfolio was in January this year.


Does anyone still think we’ll see the approval of the Van Eck ETF at the end of Feb?? Considering one of the SEC’s concerns was manipulation, I don’t think it’s in the cards. Therefore, I think we continue to stay low for a long stretch.

I’d like to thank you guys for calming me down from selling a few days ago. It really helps to have a community that knows more than I can research in a 24 hour period. While I do expect BTC to drop more, I have decided to see this as an opportunity to stock up more.


I felt like the extreme stability we were having around $6,000 was due to all the whales wanting to keep volatility down since that was one of the primary ETF concerns. Now that stability has been thrown out the window, I have no idea what’s going on.

The ETF is definitely not happening with BTC dropping so quickly. The SEC will see it as a glorified pump and dump.