Bitcoin Price Thread



I wonder what the underlying principle of this is since capital can be made both ways in markets.

I’m super, borderline delusional, permabull only because i feel like i can grasp the implications of crypto and as a result it’s speculative growth but if and only if Bitcoin can endure every test its thrown.


up to 6 more days till we see some action :man_shrugging:t2: :chart_with_upwards_trend::chart_with_downwards_trend::man_shrugging:t2:


We ready know it’s goin down to zero :frowning: why even try lol


a bird told me its going up today :volcano:

Shorts dropping like this and still BTC holds the line :thinking: OTC buying of course :shushing_face:


My plan is to trick the market is working :smiling_imp:


shorts decreasing but longs are not even moving :thinking:


obviously. lol. We aren’t allowed to win.


Over the counter mate not for our eyes haha


@Jacko1988 How’s XRP? Status report please solider!

Also have you had a look at BTC?


XRP as good as always mate 2 of the 3 buy zone from the Brits thread now in profits, i’m looking for .54500 first then .56900 i haven’t looked at BTC.

XLM looking really strong too :raised_hands:t2:


Buy otc, spot sell on retailers, rinse and repeat


How to buy in OTC market?


Yes, I too am going to wait patiently until BTC reaches zero. Then I’ll back up the truck and whale in😳


There is quadrillions of dollars of derivatives and fraudulent financial instruments that probably don’t really need to exist. When that Ponzi scam stops working at a global level a lot of that money is gonna come into the Crypto world, that’s what you’re all waiting for;-) All forms of money that aren’t based on debt will be insulated from the counterparty risk that destroys a lot of the legacy system in the largest series of market corrections in human history. This is coming soon to a country near you. The markets only job is define the real price and because it’s rigged the only thing the markets are not allowed to do is it’s only job which is real price discovery. Through stock buybacks and lots of fraud and craziness the stock market is held up, but it can go down completely at anytime and is going a lot further down than people think in the future… When the stock market goes bankrupt people we know lose a lot but when the bond market goes down whole countries go bankrupt. The collapse of the Soviet Union was like falling out of a two story building, the collapse of the American Dollar as the reserve currency will likely be like falling out of a fucking skyscraper… The ultimate illusion is to convince people that debt is an asset when in reality it is actually a liability… At this point right now there is more global debt than at any point in human history… People need to learn the difference between money and currency and I suggest Money vs Currency - Hidden Secrets Of Money Episode 1 - 10 by Mike Maloney if you have the time;-)


Bitcoin Price Showing Wide Variance on Major Exchanges Tuesday



Brilliant link thank you :raised_hands:t2:


Something is brewing :volcano:


Maybe this could be the capitulation we’ve all been expecting @Jacko1988


A lot of fear in the market and rightfully so. There’s a $8.5B market cap coin fork where the original chain is going to see an attempted 51% attack with very divided supporters. Are shorts dropping because people are going to take long positions or are they GTFO all together right now? :thinking: