Bitcoin Price Thread



It’s just not the same without you. #comebacksgraggy


This is one of the reasons why I couldn’t be a moderator anymore. Last time I moved XRP to it’s own thread, I got called “censorship police”. I didn’t delete anything… simply moved it for organizational purposes. It’s like babysitting a bunch of children who just throw their toys all over the place, and then have a tantrum when you ask them to clean it up. :rofl:



#comebackscraggy :disappointed:


Oh shit wrong thread this is now the find @scraggyhound thread :joy:


Haha right now it’s very clear we are in that plateau phase, everyone jumping down each others necks. We got to stick together otherwise we’ll never make it the other end, already we’ve lost some people but that’s their choice of course.

Lets all move on, probably best we do keep posts separate in terms of topics though…easier that way no?

Hope your all doing well, DCAing, trading or whatever it is to build those positions. Yes we might get a capitulation spike at some point, but just stay committed and we’ll all get out alive the other side carrying our loot to the bank!


Are we entering bull market or is it another pump and dump?


We’re pinned against the 50d SMA at $6450, with the 100d SMA sitting at $6600. These next few days are going to be critical.


So we need to break $6600 and hold above the 100d, interesting times ahead right now!


My guess is BTC moves up to test the 200 day SMA between now and the end of the year or beginning 2019. I’ll keep what I think happens after that to myself so I don’t upset the apple cart.


Strong 10 month old resistance up ahead :man_shrugging:t2:


Off topic dont like XRP but that thread should get updated posts like ICX thread to keep it going. Be the pioneer shiller @Jacko1988


I’m good buddy i shill no coin i stick to the ones that make the most profit :v:t2:
Side note buy XRP with everything you have sell at $10 :tipping_hand_man:t2:


Why 10 ? :smiley: you see it going to that price soon?


Just buy yourself a few and wait :raised_hands:t2:

Oh and don’t take advise from manuel it never ends well :sunglasses:

XRP gunning for .62 :tipping_hand_man:t2:




interesting stuff to come.


What do YOU think will happen Manuel?

And don’t say this or that could happen. Let us into your head


my own personal opinion it will touch the dowtrend resistance as I posted few hrs back and will go down to test 5.8k

I’d like something like it did on its last bull run in this steps … a sell off testing old support/resistance thus creating a hammer candle for a clear rejection, then a spike in volume that would increase price and kill the bears creating a new trend.


When Manuel Bull back?