Bitcoin Price Thread



Ok Ok. Let’s get some perspective, what can we set in stone:

  1. Bitcoin could go to $1k, but probably not; it would be nice if you have spare fiat handy.

  2. The whales might be playing whale games, greed ultimately prevails in all markets, as long as humans are the players. Utility will ultimately bring true sustainable value to the crypto market as a new asset class.

  3. Sparky’s posts make most pub-members minds hurt.


I’m just trolling :troll:. BTC to 6 figures by 2022 if not sooner.


why such a bearish outlook. was hoping for 7 figures by then :sleepy:


Welp. Our asian amigos should be awake now so let’s see how they react. lol


Damp it :bogged::beetconnect:


I guess we reached the bottom… for now. :bogged:


Why would BAT be a good buy?


Zoom out for the bigger picture guys, chill and enjoy the ride.

Until the historical uptrend is broken, there is no need to worry :beetconnect:




Can it really go to 1K like lee said? In crypto everything seems possible.
Btw, what is the big FUD today to cause the big dip?


good job jinxing it.

History of BTC Uptrend bought to break down in 2019 :beetconnect:


Just woke up, got aroused, laughed so hard…
Crypto successfully make me become a masochist…


a red candle dropped a bit lower then a silly triangle on a screen and everybody sells.
obviously jeez lol


With BTC Futures Markets, wasn’t there a requirement that BTC be above 100billion market cap? Just seeking for clarification because I know this was an argument going around earlier this year.


Because it took the worst hit and is listed in coinbase


Wow I wanna blow shit up so bad with the fudders but why. Fuck m . Sorry your loss. Holding bags? Could give a shit about that. I know where this space is going. No institutional money? It’s comin. You really think this is all about greed? Depends what you consider greed. Freedom to do what you want with your time. Everyone wants that. I get crypto rich and want to give a shit Ton back to good causes, help out others, charities. Hell yeah! If that is greed blow me. The news is out there people! It freaking unfolding. Crash this shit to 4K or 2k :roll_eyes:. Bottom line this technology and computer science will replace how we operate today. Big institutional not interested! :joy:. OMG! yup! Bakkt, Fidelity, J.P. Morgan, collages, banks, etc. ect. You can make a freakin list of the big names coming because they know the power of what crypto and blockchain is. And this tech will continue to evolve and grow and this market will grow with it. Do you see whats happening in China, Japan , Korea. We are so behind in digital tech it’s stupid. Many places are already cashless! this propped up market will crash. Yes another factor in adoption that will make this baby go. IMO they know it coming and they are transitioning over to the new asset class. Yes, Digital Investments. And when they offer crypto to the people it’s going to be easy for them to invest. No private key worries or scam shit because they trust fidelity or whomever they use for investments. Oh yeah they will buy. People want easy. We’re doing all the hard shit with exchanges and keys and wallets. Most don’t want that. What’s good about today is shits starting to move and that’s a good thing. Do not worry about your portfolios. Don’t look at prices to much if your not a killer trader. Look where the big money is flowing and setting up the foundation of a once in a lifetime opportunity of a new asset class coming in. Manipulate it! Kill it! Scam it! Crash it to $1,000. I know what I got. Most of you people out there doing your homework know what you got. What we’re holding onto is worth it’s value and much more. The rest of the world will catch up in time. Yes , this shit is global people. Think about that :face_with_monocle: …stay strong :muscle:t5: pubbers :call_me_hand:t5:


Sounds Scarrty :boom:



Uhmmm…institutional money is already here. We just don’t know it, yet. Or rather, I should say, we’ll eventually be quite surprised when verifiable details of how much institutional money is in the game presently.
OTC volume estimated at 3 times the volume on the exchanges we can see and report on.1

I tend to view when people talk about the ones praying for institutional money to come into the game, they’re talking about those looking for widespread adoption of cryptos as a means of transacting monetary exchanges around the world and they’re thinking the institutions are the ones that have to adopt and drive cryptos as a solution/platform.


IF the bear flag plays out, prepare for 5k btc or lower :beetconnect: