Bitcoin Price Thread



What’s happening, folks? I’ve been doing nothing, absolutely nothing in cryptospace since moving back to my house in Georgia. We are churning through a whole house renovation project and it’s taking every bit of my attention at the moment.

However, today, Bitcoin price action jumped out and slapped me in the face with a “wake up and pay attention here” move. I’m going to do a bit of research and see what’s been happening last, oh, four weeks or so, but was wondering if anyone would be willing to just call out the big events of the last four weeks as it pertains to BTC. Like, that giant swing in Tether prices a few weeks back and now today. WTF is going on there? :-o


haven’t we been announcing this @kryptokenzie ? :man_shrugging:t2:


Made a BTC video to try and explain from my point of view why we had this crash today. Primarily losing the higher low pattern imo and destroying bull hopium. Hope it helps, any questions let me know :slight_smile:


Yeah, not like it’s a surprise, really. Just curious “why today?” but I think @Danosaurs pretty much answered it…more of a TA thing than FA/news related thing. The darn thing finally reached the end of it’s rope, I reckon.


This guy is asking for it. As much as I disagree with Roger on the direction of bitcoin I respect him for being civil with the BTC/BCH fork with deciding to go his separate way peacefully.


Fraudtoshi scamamoto


Bitcoin to the graves.:grin:


IT ran out of space … :man_shrugging:t2:


Break below 5500 damn it.


I am buying as soon as I get the chance.


Just hit $5380 on Coinbase and Bitstamp.


Loving it man. I want us to get to the $4ks. Then we can see if all the TA for months were correct. If we cant go up, i will get excited about going down lol


its not even 24hrs past the drop :man_shrugging:t2::sweat_smile:


If Craig Wright turns out to be Satoshi then my view of Craig won’t change but my admiration for Satoshi basically evaporates…

What an unlikeable person!


This is kind of setting up nice for Bakkt, but we shall see…


Not sure if you’re aware, but that’s actually an earlier quote from a prominent crypto person (trying to remember who).





Yes I was certain I had heard someone on YouTube or Twitter say it but I thought I had dreamt it :joy:


Wouldn’t it be funny if bitcoin closed the daily back up at $6400 and stayed there for another 3 months?


nope, not funny :unamused:


Me thinks BTC will be creating a bear flag, the flag itself will be between $5,750 and $5,850 and the next target down again.

nvm it is going past supports quite fast already lol