Bitcoin Price Thread



Btc etfs probably won’t be approved even 5 years from now, so thats a lot of invested interest talk from Hayes. But he’s right, people will be too chicken shit to buy the bottom :skull_and_crossbones: Not me, i’m buying from the butt hurt hodlers


Mystery solved thanks to @Clarky663 :trophy:

Turns out that if you want the triangle to be valid, you have to switch to LOG. Otherwise we’re 2 weeks clear of it. :muscle:


Fuck you death, you won’t be buying any of my stash. :roger:


No ETF’s for 5 years? I’ll take the under on that bet :wink:


Once institutions are heavily invested, an ETF will be in their best interests. If an ETF isn’t soon approved, then the votes necessary to get one approved will be bought. Never underestimate the power of greed. :disappointed_relieved:


That’s not going to happen, the HODLers aren’t selling at the lows.

Why worry about the price of Bitcoin? If you’re trading, take the plentiful opportunities in the current market and trade for more Bitcoin. Price drops 10%, make multiple trades to make 10% more Bitcoin, rinse repeat. Fuck holding fiat.


Every market, someone panic sells near the bottom. If btc goes to 2k like Hayes says, someone is selling at 2.5k, 2.4k, 2.3k, 2.2k, 2.1k …

Thats going to be a pretty capitulation candle


I can’t see it going down to those prices. Mining costs are too high.


And with the hashrate increasing over the year, it doesn’t look like the production cost will drop anytime soon.


depends on which country and if the power they are consuming is legit (payed) or not too.

but I get your point.


Are you from the future? If not, you have no idea and just guessing like everyone else.
“Negative people see negativity, toxic people see toxicity and optimistic people see optimism, etc”


Think he must be from the future mate, he has this pet dog/humanoid creature that joined the pub as well.
he’s a bullish bear so you’ll never win an argument of where price may go because he’s got all bases covered. :joy:

Joking aside his TA on the way down was pretty hot tbf, though I do disagree with a lot of his fundamental analysis.



Over the last 6 months you have countered against most bullish crypto posts…

I get we need both sides of the story but damn Manuel you love it! :joy:


LTC to $54-$56 il take some :man_shrugging:

XRP breakout to .52 :dicaprio1:

Easy money this afternoon :v:t2:

First Target done now on to the next

ADA looking too sexy to ignore


Considering the timeline a lot of people might be bored to death and have left crypto more than being to afraid to buy the bottom.


lol not trying to be overly negative to anyone or to the pub itself, but there’s always 2 sides of the story, that would’ve saved me thousands of dollars back in January by selling way up in profits and/or not continue buying too, oh well.

It is just my opinion, I hope fellas here do not take it personal against me :sweat_smile:


Simple word is “Greed”

Its you who is trading my friend not the pub, not sentiment you and you alone if you don’t take profit thats on you :sunglasses:
Man up son and take it


I’m not pointing fingers to anyone here, I’m saying it is always good to know both sides of the story and not being blindfolded by one, in my case was to if it retraces, it should not go down as much.


Again thats on you if you have no back ground trading and are simply looking to others for when to cut and run you will always lose :man_shrugging: