Bitcoin Price Thread



Having a late one pal?


Yep… when you feel that saying you hold shed loads of of king coin is a downer in the pub …its time to call it quits…I wont be posting again…hope I made a few people a few dollars and im going out at the bottom… 5800 was a great buy…no regrets


No mate… stuff to do…people to see …I always make time for the pub…but .may be not now…been on my mind for a bit…


Fair one man. I got a flyer so on my way back to scunny. Just having 5 at the services :+1:t3:


Fucking scunny…lol…great speedway dude…love that shit…you at the fireworks at donny football ground tomorrow??


Be sad to see you go mate, understand how you feel though. :v:


Wasn’t planning to man. Was meant to work tomorrow but job got cancelled like. Hope you can still make the meet up pal


Why you leaving scraggy???


Okay, I’m hoping someone can figure this anomaly out for me.

I check the BTCUSD charts on Tradingview all the time. About two weeks ago we broke outside the descending triangle on the 1D and 1W charts for Coinbase, Bitfinex, etc. Tone Vays however uses the Bitstamp chart as the basis for his analysis, where he’s showing that we’re still inside the triangle.

So I went to Tradingview to investigate, loaded up the BTCUSD weekly Bitstamp chart, and drew the triangle.

Both charts (mine and Tone’s) are Bitstamp BTCUSD on the weekly, and yet my chart shows that we’re well clear of the descending triangle, yet Tone’s shows that we’re still inside it.

No matter how I redraw it, be it with wicks or without, on the daily or weekly, or on different exchanges, EVERY single scenario shows were outside of the triangle. And yet, he’s still showing that we’re somehow inside it.

WTF is going on here?


On my mobile so can’t draw it but It does look like tones chart doesn’t quite hit the high of the first red candle wick (if you zoom in) could he be using the open not the high of the sell candles which might be a slightly different angle.
He may be using free hand instead of using the price magnet, Or drawn it on a higher/lower tf so looks slightly off on the weekly.
Personally think he draws without the magnet which is dangerous for someone like tone who is determined the markets pushing lower and can draw to suit his own bias.


Need to zoom out more, you are looking at the obvious only, if the bots haven’t gone crazy you can asume the points you have drawn are not the ones in the bot algos.


Which is the funny part @Cody_h4x ? :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


So your saying tones trend lines are all aligned with big algo bot movements?


all the markets in the world are BOT driven, they respond to big moves and adjust acordingly


Cheers for the basics :see_no_evil:
I’m asking why you think Nathan isn’t coming up with the same diagonal as tones. I thought you where suggesting he was drawing them differently based on tone only using points when the bots have went as you said “crazy”.


He uses an actual triangle (triangle function in tool bar) vs drawing individual trend lines to come up with the triangle.


Finally the truth :joy: cheers Lance :+1:


Don’t leave man, wont be the same without you around here. I get what you’re saying though…I think most of us are still long term bullish, just not sure where we will land before we continue upward. The only reason i care is because i want to short sell if we go lower so i can pick up more BTC :smile: I’m still in my position and accumulating in this range just in case all of us short term bears are wrong but prepared to sell if things head south of 6k.

Just take a break for a bit, i haven’t been around much recently because i have been replacing posts and beams on a barn at new family property. Been kind of nice to be working out in the middle of woods not checking price all day :smile: I still see Bitcoin as revolutionary and i am excited for the future!

When i first signed up for the pub and @peter started putting out the b90x videos i didn’t fully grasp why he was doing b90x. I actually thought it was corny but now i totally get the b90x series after being in the bitcoin game for over a year. Only the strong will thrive! Getting caught up in the daily price action we tend to lose sight of the fact that we are a small percentile of people in the world who have early ownership in a potentially world changing technology.



I appreciate the answer, but that’s not it. A triangle is 3 straight lines, so using the line tool or the triangle tool doesn’t fundamentally change the result. Either way you end up with a straight line at the top, connecting the same set of wicks.

You did however manage to get Tone’s version of the chart that has different prices than mine, which is resulting in a different pattern. Mine’s sent to the default UTC timezone BTCUSD Bitstamp chart. I’m absolutely baffled by this.



I like the fact you placed the cursor on the first rejection it had caused by the EMA, not by the triangle itself.

Also, are you thinking in a 3k bottom? it is a price it was tested previously, so it is a solid foundation.

I’m leaning to 4.5k myself.