Bitcoin Price Thread



:thinking: Hmmm… What’s everyone’s thoughts on this? :rocket:?



Look I can screenshot too. Good thing you’ve edited your ‘suupp’ to ‘wassuupp’. Some of us may get confused. Make sure you delete your other posts as well while you’re at it.


You can see what I’m up to on my twitter: @godelives

I’ve been spread a bit thin as of late, don’t have time to aggravate @leetorres as much as I’d like.


I have sold all of my positons in OCN at this time, waiting for a new entry.


How about Quant, @K_Godel? I bought a little stash a few weeks ago and am pretty happy.




I am happy too - 10x’ed with Quant. Still holding, bright future ahead. Make sure you join the Telegram for the weekly Monday AMA’s


Will someone please tell BTC, that $3k is the other way??? I think she may be lost


So is icx still equal to google or not :smile:


Pretty much all your long term predictions haven’t played out (what happened to G20 now?), you shouldn’t be the one mocking another mans predictions


You’ve pointed out g20 already, to which i already answered its delayed until november

When i compared btc crash to gold some 4-5 months ago, its been pretty spot on, with the crash to lower levels still coming. Btc will still be bear a year from now, and crashing to 3-4k in 8 months doesn’t invalidate that

If you think his ideas about icx is “reasonable”, theres twitter feed you can follow. Is it strange that i’m pointing it out and he keeps dodging it, when the pub probably has the biggest icx bag holders anywhere?


I didn’t say anyones ideas were reasonable…

When you keep extending the timeframe, it’s easy to be “right”



Crypto 2018: Here’s a prediction of what you said 6 months ago that didn’t happen.

I’ve had a lot of ideas/predictions/dumb ass ideas that never played out. Guess what? I’m not done yet. That’s life baby. No one gets out of here without some really big mistakes.


Stock brokerage giant TD Ameritrade bets on a new cryptocurrency exchange called ErisX, which offers both bitcoin spot and futures trading. [Yahoo!]


This is something It would NOT surprise me, even that guy Alessio hinted out something similar to this chartist could happen to BTC.


I don’t see volume coming through to carry us to $9K :mag: . Unless some big whale really wants to risk billions pumping to get us past $7.5K to start the FOMO train. But as long as the hopium is high the bear will continue to rage on much longer. Who cares if bitcoin goes to $5K or $3K targets? There will be plenty of trading opportunities along the way regardless of direction if people can put their hopium addiction aside.


I am 75 years of age married with six grandchildren.

For real!? I guess i found my new role model :sunglasses: :hodor:


Google started out as nothing more than a search engine; By comparison, ICX has many times more potential to be as big or bigger than in the coming decades.

TBF I hope btc shakes out to ~5k, I need some bids to hit. I still think we get a shake-out type move before the real run up either later this year, into early next.