Bitcoin Price Thread



Exactly mate… and the Fiat that is left is sat waiting for 1k coin…
the few of us Bulls left are just bored of all the shit and cant be arsed to put the hours in required to stop one Bart move Rekting the PF.
How many would check the crypto at 6am on a sunday? Im guessing fuck all do now…
Exchanges have no one but themselves to blame,if they took the 800 billion out the market,fair play…I guess job done…


There is a mix of bullish and bearish TA’s on Tradingview for BTC.

We either going for 4.5k or we are already starting a bull run in the next couple of weeks :thinking:

(Only looking at charts from guys with 1k+ charts posted)


Yeah, 1k coin ain’t gonna happen. What gets me is that even if you use conservative valuations, the crypto market is at ridiculous fire sale prices. If you just look at the combined market cap of the credit card companies, like visa, master card, american express, discover and a couple from Japan/China, you get well over 1 trillion in market cap. Crypto will eat their lunch as soon as the TPS issue has been resolved. I think lightening will get us there.


I actually agree 100% with that view. 4.5k would put as at the 78% Fib retracement level, which I would consider the ultimate capitulation point for bulls. However, I don’t think we’ll actually go that far. I see a bull market just around the corner.


see, you are part of both then lol


There are no bulls or bears. Just all of us in this game trying to make those dirty dollars :dollar: :sunglasses:


filthy Pounds :pound: in my case old chap :joy:


Unpopular opinion, but if bears have their way then I can see a total market capitalization of under $100 billion in the near future. I’m mentally prepared for something like this, and I wouldn’t leave crypto if this happens. As Mack said, it’s an opportunity to become a whale :slight_smile: .


Maybe but I just don’t see the selling volume either. Both long and short volume is pretty low.


To me it simply brings the moon that much closer. Whether or not bitcoin or crypto hits new ATHs anytime soon doesn’t matter to me. I’m still going to take advantage of the opportunity that the crypto market provides.


Time to say … BINGO ? :beetconnect:


XRP leading the push higher BTC testing upper resistance of the wedge failure to break and i’ll have a short back towards $6200 :man_shrugging:


Im thru my line mate…6355, not quite the 6360 i predicted and a day late… but the bitcoin bus is back at my stop…TA feeling better… Thanks for the vote of confidence yesterday! :smiley:
:beers: :cow:

Not a bear or a whale…but sums up BTC breakouts this year… :joy:


Wedge resistance breached! $6800 in the cards?


I’m really liking this pump.


I have been looking at the graphs dating back. If you look at them , it almost seems as if we are coming to a point where it wont go above, or below a certain point. A “stable” price point ? I mean, we want prices to moon and all. But, wouldn’t it be more healthier if Bitcoin price remained somewhat stable? It seems like it will fall somewhere between 6000 and 6400. I am just speculating, but it always seems to come back down and hover.



Some resistence at 6430…but we bounced down and off the bottom of the big triangle, so im still hoping we can use the old support again… thats 2 ticks in my bullish case box… and Im always 2 ticks in front of 99% of peeps in here…so make that 4… :joy:

EWavers… After days of study I am now convinced the grand supercycle on the weekly is now showing the end of a truncated bearish 5 wave.??? :face_with_monocle:
Dano?? Wave master Jacko?? anyone else???

WTF has everyone gone??
I knew I was the last bull standing!
No need to thank me for piling the fresh fiat in on the drop…just doing my bit for the tech…
glad your all busy buying today :joy:


Good morning mate i’m focused on it being a double zig zag :joy: i know this may seem mumbo jumbo to you right now but it abides by all wave counts right now…

Upper resistance broken and have my first take profit levels set at $6,825 and every $50 afterwards right up to $7,050 i aim to be out of all trades at that point and await the break on the weekly charts :v:

have a killer day buddy watch out for that gbp/jpy breakout when it goes :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: bye bye


Ah ha!
Morning Buddy!

Not at all mate…im putting the effort in and although I must seem like a laughable rogue, Im actually not that daft… :wink:

Where did the first ZigZag fall short of target to create a second? I might be able to suss that out, with that bit of info!

For sure mate…sunshine out and Im on demo at AVA thought I would try a new platform…
All the best fella.