Bitcoin Price Thread




I mostly just DCA small amounts and hodl but i think i might be learning just by lurking on these threads.


Damn BTC is holding well… Alts not so… :face_with_head_bandage: :joy:
No level 2 today , any one seeing mass sells and big amounts sold off, of their fave alt?


You see the XLM pump? Yesterday it was up 15%. The great thing about this bear market is that any pump is a great short entry…

Price hit support and resistance lines that I have had drew out for the last month or so, easy money??!?


Ha ha…Its nice to see you dont take any notice of a MacD crossover… :joy:


If any alt that’s available to short in this market pumps 15%(and on top of that hits BIG resistance) i’m opening a short, it’s not sustainable when this market is soooo bearish.


I can see why you took it, but I wouldnt have took that trade…its more like a forex scalp on the hour chart…shooting star had a massive wick, fuck knows what the candle next to it is…O/C is off the map… :joy:

so why didnt you keep it open?


I still have the short open now, gaining profits here still so no reason to close yet.


I actually would have been inclined to take the long side as it was looking oversold… Orange line moving away from blue…yellow line moving up thru price… taking profit on the move to blue…Trend bearish.

Thats what it looks like to me… Rubber bands up to my neutral… scalped. massive short candle,break of inside bar,kinda…more shorting…fuck knows what that 3rd candle is… :joy: short still running… I guess Im good enough to take both trades… life changing moment…:face_with_monocle:
Maybe I should go Pro!


72% drop in cme futures…
I wonder why???


Why do you think mate? Probably a stupid question


Every alt coin has broke down on long term support.

Up next -> :btc:


breakingthat 6k support seems inevitable this week. we are still trending down for sure. everything played out as most traders anticipated, we’d make a run to 7500 before testing 5k levels again


BTC dominance is ballooning up. My theory is alts selling to BTC is the main catalyst that’s keeping the BTC price up temporarily. Once those transactions move to :usdt: or :dollar: it could be a sharp drop. Shorts vs longs are still out of balance, but liquidity is also :poop:. So a short squeeze might be over played by a :whale: wanting to capitalize (again) on a big down move.


I just think its the manipulation mate…who wants to trade a BTC future at the moment ??
Im guessing half a dozen folk know where its headed…the rest of us have no clue whatsoever.
Folk are just trading horozontal lines on a chart…hoping they are on the house side … :beers:


More wise words from you there! I don’t care if we go down more but please let’s squeeze this these shorts fucks so bad they’ll think twice about shorting Crypto


I’m expecting, or should I say hoping, something like this with a bull run starting end of October. Wishful thinking?


I think capitulation is here in the altcoin market. Not sure if it is here in the btc market. However, given the low volumes and lackluster price action in either direction, I think we have seen the bottom at 5800 a few weeks back. Could I be wrong? Yes for sure, but even if it drops further, I don’t see it go much further below where we were.
Oh yeah, and another sign of capitulation is the utter lack of enthusiasm and action in the Pub.


I am enthusiastic to get in some positions at very cheap prices and not have to spend much :dollar:. If people truly believe in the future of the coins they invest in these times should be viewed as the greatest opportunity. But I’m guessing not many are putting as much money into this market as they once were. I am still hopeful for lower prices coming. It’s all a matter of perspective.


Well said. However, for some they just don’t have any fiat left to invest. I suppose the longer prices stay low, the greater the opportunity for those of us who truly appreciate the huge potential crypto has.