Bitcoin Goes To Hollywood



Further proof of the growing awareness and integration of Bitcoin into mainstream thinking. Upcoming movie named “Bitcoin” is in pre-production for 2018:

Why isn’t @CryptoMom, @Amanda_Pieper, @altcoinchick, @Siggy, @itsmee.bosslady, or @Michelle_Orio in this movie? Somebody done messed up!

Bitcoin promises filmmakers and writers tales of get-rich fever and cyber intrigue

hahaha good looking out! Looks like an all male cast though…womp womp womp. No crypto chicks in this movie!


Agreed. That’s why I put up the wall of cryptochicks in my post. Looks like a full fledged attack on Hollywood will be required! :slight_smile:


Well I’ve got something in the works :slight_smile: It’s a project that marries crypto and hollywood hehehe. Can’t wait to share with the Pub! Still working on it though. Probably a couple months away before we launch it. But I’ll keep you all posted!


Sounds exciting!! If its a movie or a play, i expect us Pub members to get some roles in it?? :joy::joy:


If anyone lives in LA! I would consider it! lol



@Amanda_Pieper my son is at UCLA studying communication and cognitive science and interested in working on the business side of film/tv. He’s super creative, very bright. He’d make a great intern if that is anything you could benefit from :slight_smile:

OH, and he is into crypto! :smiley:


If you would need any help in post production for audio let me know! I would love to help out!


Thanks guys! I will keep you posted. I’m teaming up with one of my good friends who owns a pretty substantial drone production company, so I think in terms of the technicals, we will be covered. But I will definitely come to the pub first if I need anything!! Thanks!


@Amanda_Pieper I know a bunch of crypto people in LA if you need any connections.


I know right lol?? What’s up with that??


Lets get you in a movie PIEPER~!


Anyone has the trailer for it?


Anyone have connections to cast or directors let @Peter know would be a good exclusive interview!


Yo yo yo lol, that’s what’s up! We just started using drones to record aerial footage of our Decentralized Art Shows…Does your friend’s company accept crypto?? I have friends in L.A. who I can connect you with too, I’ll PM you! :heart_eyes:

Let’s all connect! I’ll be in L.A. for an event soon…


Hopefully they understand bitcoin as well as the makers of The Net understood the Internet.


Awesome! Yes let us know when you’re planning on coming to LA and we can schedule a meetup for sure!! This is my friend’s company and ohhhhh yeaaaah he accepts crypto. The man is a savage btc day trader. savage.


You’ve got me thinking now Mz. P lol…

Nothings written in stone yet, but I’m getting the feeling we can put together something BIGLY in L.A soon…I’ll PM you. :star_struck:
Don’t want to let the cat out of the bag too early - as @peter would say Lol! :joy::sunglasses:
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