Bitcoin Bottom? Prediction? $6800? $3000? Senate Banking Committee, G20 -- Bitcoin-Fund-Manager Published on Feb 3, 2018



i have decided after long thinking that i will set it and forget it till july of this year I will not listen or view anything in regard to crypto till then


Ah…i remember those days…vividly.
This your first ride, eh rookie?
It will be ok man. This is actually the time that you buy…not save.

So…heres how I grew some hair on my balls and chest.
Last year, China Govt said they were going to stop all ICOs coming out of China and the talk of regulation was at a high.
NEO went from like 40ish to 17 bucks. I got in at 23 but I already had a bit of btc and may little share at the time was dropping.
Well…if you didnt know, NEO was almost at 190 and this was only a few months ago.

Oh and BTC broke the 5k record for its ATH.

Hmm…time for a shave i suppose…

Im not nervous…im actually a bit pissed. I just got my whole btc and now this.

But its like a candy store with the cheap alts.


Anyone follows this guy ?


Nope, just a hater. Fud spreader. The truth will be known in the end. Right or wrong.


Bitcoin will rebound and everything will be just fine hey guys remember all the comments if Bitcoin drops to a low price how everyone was going to buy the hell out of it well that is exactly what is going to happen. The floor is being tested and then the money will pour back into Bitcoin just imagine now you can get that 1 Bitcoin or 10 or 20 even 50 or more it has become affordable. It is a Golden opportunity just remember not to be afraid or scared no one can achieve success in anything to walk away afraid remember the faith you had when everything was good so now you need to strengthen your faith even more that things are bad. All pioneers have rough and trying times but stay anchored in your crypto belief and you will persevere.


LOl Didn’t watch the video after reading through the comments. For folks panicking, Internet of Money Vol I by Andreas Antonopoulos is a must read.

Keep Calm and Hodl On!


lol, I like part where he talks about upcoming political events after which the price will drop because they decide to sell…

his prediction/analysis seems interesting too… he didn’t mention a number btw… he removed/unlisted the video and but it back online with these numbers in the title by the way…


$3800 probably. We also need to keep in mind the potential financial crises. But in the long run I’m extremely optimistic of the long term prospects!


Geez that Asian fellow is still pumping out videos?? In an office no less? Hahaha I miss the days when he had his office in a park or at a bus stop lol


Lol I know Wan from way back… I kinda lost touch with him let’s say… and then I saw him on YouTube when I got into crypto… lol
He’s a character… ^ _ ^


If he is right, it’s gonna be fucking 120k, so no FUD or FOMO !


i dont wheel and deal I HODL and thats that


Is that drop because of G20?


Finally i found the this guys topic,
He has a new video, he’s betting on some coins that they will gain the most while Consensos.

What do you guys think about it?


He has made some solid and accurate calls. Called zil about a month ago.

I’m thinking this week binance will list coins like a mofo to capitalize on all the announcements.


How he is doing this? :confused:
and ‘‘why’’ fund managing while you have this kind of opportunities, also anyone knows how much commission he is getting from costumers?