Bitcoin Bottom? Prediction? $6800? $3000? Senate Banking Committee, G20 -- Bitcoin-Fund-Manager Published on Feb 3, 2018




TL:DW version

Guy sweats through the whole video. Says all these high profile dudes dropped thier BTC right before davos forum and upcoming g20. Assuming regulation coming. Thinks we are in a free fall to the great chasm on the early adopter stage. Says the chasm will last until regulation is complete to support crypto and that will be a year year and a half potentially.

Bit of a stretch but possible. I know there will be a war between mainstream and crypto. The chart amd chasm could prolly be matched up at 1000 points with btc.

He musta been watchin cops cause he was sweatin.


Send me your Bitcoin.


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isn’t he sweating because … hes literally asking people to give him api access… gawd he’s all over the place. sigh.

Korean man. Please do better.


Lol. I thought it was food but hes cravin a burrito by thr end of the video.


Oh man quite the scary perspective :thinking:.


The man is completely wrong. Wall Street and the banks own massive amounts of bitcoin. I can’t believe this man is naive to believe otherwise. They was buying bitcoin in the cents


2 mins into the video and I lost interest. Guy is all over the place.


He is right about the price though. Bitcoin is going through a beautiful steamy dump :poop:


Ive seen him a few times before too.

He says…let him manage YOUR bitcoin.


I still see 6k Bitcoin, but it could go lower. Hodl.


sorry guys i had to abandon my DCA of ICX i just cant bare to watch this sea of red massacre I just dont have the will power and perseverance of Peter at this stage . Maybe one day i will but as of now i am suffering and shitting in my pants at the same time watching the market crumble before my very eyes


Then. Step. Away. From. The. Computer.

FOr your own health.


i dont want to end up like this guy


I am
Suspecting that it is continue to dip tonight 60 low 6000 high 5000

Tomorrow after the sec, CFTC update it will jump up to 9000


Then you need to do more research into your investment so that you are confident in its long-term potential! Once you are confident in its long-term potential, you won’t care what it does short term and crashes are welcome because you get to buy your coins at a discount! Stay strong, friend!


You should seek professional help if you are having thoughts like that. Immediately.


That is a tragic story. We are all in this thing together, albeit with varying average dollar cost. Just give it some time, everything will work out. Trading, HODLing, moving money, selling at a gain or loss…all of these involve human emotion. Our emotions are a double edged sword, they are very powerful and if allowed they will direct your decisions and thoughts…Like Peter said, just shut the PC down and ride it out. Worry about what you can control, BTC is not one of those things. I have been trading stocks & options for nearly a decade and I have moved mostly into Crytpocurrencies. I have won big, and lost big in the stock market. I have had very downtrodden times and also times of euphoria. I am sill here, there is always opportunity you just need to have patience. If you invested more than you could afford, all I can say is you are one of many and try to keep things in perspective. There are many more solutions to managing money and personal problems than ending them abruptly with short sightedness. I don’t mean to go on, just speaking from the heart. HODL.


Do yourself a favour have some korean bbq. For the better