Bitcoin and the Art Market



Has anyone looked at Maecenas or Verisart? they both sound interesting!
good read:

Various artists have begun experimenting with bitcoin and incorporating it into their work. Los Angeles-based artist Matthias Dörfelt’s ‘Block Bills’ is an attempt to imagine what bitcoins might look like if they existed in reality, presenting an automated visual depiction of 64 randomly chosen blocks from the blockchain. Instead of a signature from the treasurer of the United States, Dörfelt hand-signs the name “Satoshi” in homage to the anonymous inventor of bitcoin. In place of serial numbers, Dörfelt creates a series of visual symbols that represent the hexadecimal numbers used for the hash. Each bill is generated entirely using code, except for the hand-drawn Satoshi signature.


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Thank youu Genesis! new here and still learning my way around…