Bitcache via Kim Dotcom



This is interesting… it’s just a teaser for now:

Kim Dotcom publishes a teaser video for Bitcache, a tipping system for content creators; the YouTube implementation appears to be a browser plugin that places a tipping panel below the video; enables a viewer to commit to an automatic crypto donation for each view of a specific creator’s videos; the spot also teases a content management system at


What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?

Wow. Just. Wow. :rocket::rocket::rocket::thinking::fire:
This man knows how to answer the call of the free market needs. I was talking about my videos getting all demonetized in one of my last streams!


Easy, simple = WIN
Thanks for sharing, i will bet on this.

STEEM is another system i bet on long term. If it manages to make it simple, mainstream + they make some commercial it will go huge.


Anyone know when you will be able to get into the ICO? I’m on the waitlist now for the demo :star_struck:


Thank you for sharing this mate :wink:
I heard exactly in my apprenticeship about this project from another crypto guy.


Hmm patreon with crypto?!


Did anyone test the demo on this ?


I did and it’s wonderful.


sound like a good ICO to throw money :slight_smile:


On the waiting list for more info! Kim was one of the first guys to really challenge the status quo in tech! Look at all the lawsuits. Watching this with interest!


Highly recommend his recent documentary “Caught in the Web”.


haven’t invested in an ICO yet but maybe this will be the one


Found the link to subscribe to ICO announcement.


Cool idea. Did anybody participate in this ICO? I thought tipping was just a USA thing, though? hehe


"legends may sleep, but they never die"
I´ve been fascinated with this guy for 20 years.
Very McAfee-alike.
You guys know who he is right?


I should interview this dude. i just thought of it.


Uh oh…


I dont think Kim can effectively lead a company in a hyper competitive space, therefore I’d never invest in his tech startup


Could be. Maybe I’m not interviewing him about his shit… but mine :wink:


absorbing the meta as fast as i can