Binance issue with their maintenance


Ehh - did Binance just increase their withdrawal fees? I’m pretty sure ICX was 1.3 last I checked and now it’s 2 or do I remember this incorrectly? :thinking:



I still want to say i’m quite disappointed about the site going down the way it did. They could give me free trades for the year and it will not make up for my loss in Ether value. Nor is it going to make up the price increase for the altcoins that went up that I was trying to buy at the time the site went down.


does it not depend on how much you are withdrawing I remember when I was doing me £100 buys it was taking 1 ICX off me to move it over onto my hardware wallet :frowning:


The app seems to be working… from :canada:


Mm it was 1.3 for sure.


Did any other withdrawal fees go up - or was it just ICX? /K


My binance page dont load i dont understand



I’m getting timeout error at

Anyone successfully used or to login yet?


yes (l logged in this morn)

has been around for a while as initially some people had issues with to begin with.


Great. Thanks for confirming. I’ll give it a try. I’ve always just used the plain url as I didn’t have a need for the sub domains.


I am the same (located in canada)


Definitely would be nice if they edited the home page warning to explain to people what domains are legitimate. If they own the wildcard certificate on the binance domain, they should announce as such, rather then making people have to search the certificate of the site they are visiting.

Also - the CEO needs to get the blue check on twitter if that’s his announcement platform. Way too many scams out there with similar look and feel.


Totally agree if the CEO just had a blue check this would not be an issue lol


it is still just with the subdomain us. It´s not a totally different site.


Really worried tbh about using us and kr.binace as what if his twitter has been hacked ect. redirecting to this other site. tbh i’m waiting for the .com version to come back :frowning:


Yep! You and I know that, along with others who know how everyday DNS works. I was referring more for the layman user of binance, do they know that?

Moreover, their front page says “make sure you have” in your URL bar. The CEO announced something completely different. Hence the skepticism.


if you use chrome cryptonite helps for the non tech users.

I always have an inspection of the certificate.


Right i see, so is definitely safe?


it all looks fine to me. certificate looks ok. Cryptonite giving it green light.
hundred of thousands using it now.
Twitter account of ceo saying go there (but he needs account verified with twitter.)

Binance announcements on telegram say the same.

Not using it myself though yet…so if you want to be ultrasafe wait unless you want to trade.

Let others tell you its ok.