Binance issue with their maintenance


Looks like their maintenance upgrade timing and downtime are all out of sync. Be aware that the fudsters are starting to ramp up the wrong message.

That is from the boss


I can’t log on right now :confused:


Hope everything will go on smoothly.


Im logged in but no trading


this could be a few more hours. Last sentence will not help much!

FUD is gathering speed though


Server issue. Ppl relax man.
If you wanna buy ICX their on other sites.



we even have pictures!


with no volume and higher prices caused by Binance not being online atm :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :rofl:


Could just be McAfee FUD, but thought it was relevant to this thread.



jeez you can’t tell me he believed that fake photo.



So, was this originally a scheduled “maintenance?” That might help make it FUDless.


not going to hear the last of this one :smiley:


Well, maybe McAfee is trying to hack Binance… That would be :mindblown:!


this is gold LOLLLL!


he is all over the place lately…



"All I’m doing is asking questions."


John McAfee is an utter fucking worm. I don’t know if Peter is still associated with him, but that’s my only gripe with his mission.


McAfee has the marketing talent of Donald Trump. All attention is good attention.

The only way to get rid of them is to ignore them. Unfortunately, that is too late in the case of Trump.