Binance exchange working ALMOST, but NOT WITHDRAWAL?



I did do some trading from there and did attempt a withdraw that did not work. I was okay with trading on it because when I logged in all my 2fa was the same and so were my balances that I have on the exchanged. I’m guessing they did the us.— as a side step until they get the DDos attack, I think it was, under control on their main domain.


Crazy, thanks fellow Crypto trader :grin:. For now I will just wait. I am building my ICX stack once I have a good amount I will transfer it all to cold storage. Its getting riskier to keep it in the exchanges.


So very true, I have most of my stack on the Ledger thankfully just wanted my DCA for the day done at least. I only keep certain trades on exchanges, I know I can loose them at any time unfortunately, but the potential gains on swing trading is to enticing to not play around a little bit. Wild Wild West :cowboy_hat_face:


Yup exactly its is crazy out there. O the Ledger Nano support ICX? I was just waiting for the Mainnet launch to start looking in to that. So now its safe to transfer correct? Since our tokens where updated.

Do you recommend buying the Nano trough Amazon?


ICX is still and ERC20 if I’m correct so you can store it on an ETH address on a Ledger device. I’m storing it there until the swap on the main net happens. I have not withdrawn anything from binance today just made the trade. Also I have only purchased hardware wallets directly from the company that produces them, may take longer but I feel it is way more secure and is usually cheaper than the ones on Amazon and other third parties.


Got it thanks, dam I had a amazon gift card. O well I am a patient person, I will order it directly from the Company.


Glad to be able to help, just use the gift card on something more fun for yourself or educational. Either will be worth it!


If you have crypto-currency holdings ON AN EXCHANGE they are not YOURS until you withdraw them into a wallet your control.

I’ve used my index finger, a giant pulpit, and megaphone…and people still keep holdings on exchanges.


That’s because there’s nothing wrong with keeping your money on the exchange… The people who are losing money are getting scammed because of their own stupidity. They are being scammed and or phished or sending money to wrong addresses or getting hacked with malicious downloads. Nobody has EVER actually HACKED into Coinbase OR Binance and had their funds stolen that way. A good majority of the people who were HACKED or SCAMMED were done so using or sending money to the wallets that you are yelling everyone should use. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your money on an exchange.


This work around is not working for me. When I change the link to, it just takes me back to the trading page and says nothing of confirmation. When I go under the status it shows waiting for email.

The actual link that originally fills is much more than just a and says /confirmation/ withdrawl and a lot of numbers amongst other things attached to the link I am guessing is part of the entire process.

So for now I have been unable to transfer money out. What am I missing here??? Because it only makes sense that if I am filling in that’s exactly where it is going to take me, to the main page


On the day your exchange gets hacked you will have a different view. If you are not in direct possession of your tokens, they are not yours to control, therefore, they are not yours


after you click on email verification for withdrawal, in the browser tab where it is showing you all of that info just change the (www.) portion to (us), leave everything else the same


I understand that Sniggly. But the point I’m making, is that that “day” you speak of came a LOT sooner than it should have to thousands of people trying to transfer money to and from wallets which is when they were scammed and if they had just left it on the exchange to begin with, they would’ve been fine.

Ask yourself this. What are the odds of an individual getting scammed or hacked versus a major exchange? I’d say the odds are very conservatively 100 times greater if not more like 100,000 times greater that any individual could be scammed/hacked vs an exchange.

So, where is the money safer? Just my opinion.


Ahhhhh. Ok. I got it now! Thanks VegasJoe :slight_smile:


anytime my friend! hodl long term


I am!!! When it crashed a few days ago I bought like crazy while everyone was saying I was crazing. And now?? I’m smiling :slight_smile: i’m not cashing out I’m just transferring to a different exchange :slight_smile:


And I might add not all of it because I am scared of Binance. Just because I want to buy something that isn’t listed on Binance


@dogelord The ICX price in Coinpuffs is not updating. Possibly the link for Binance needs to be updated to use which is their new one.



Hi! To find out what I can do, say @dogelord display help.


Can I ask were is a good place to keep my ADA and ICX if i don’t have a nano ledger yet?
currently i don’t have a lot just about 400 dollars but i keep it on the BInance because i don’t know were else to keep it. any help would be appreciated