Binance exchange working ALMOST, but NOT WITHDRAWAL?



Question to Binance users in regards to new website for “Withdrawal”.

I Just tried withdrawing, and it tells me to check my email to confirm withdrawal as it usually does, BUT now when I click the confirmation link to confirm withdrawal and it pops up a new browser tab just at it always has, the NEW TAB does not work…it just keeps spinning…

Anyone know how to solve this so I can complete/ verify withdrawal?


I had same problem. I also do not know what to do. I did not see a new website. The Binance Twitter said to use us.binance,com but the confirm email goes to


EXACTLY…us.binance,com is working fine for deposit and coin to coin exchange, but same issue as me for withdrawal. goes back to binance (not us.binance)… don’t know what to do either…hopefully someone else from the PUB can help with this for all of us


Take it for what it’s worth, but on the CEO’s latest tweet replies, you can apparently change the URL of your withdrawal link to the us.binance domain…

In theory it should work, but that seems like a pretty big oversight with how much heat they are getting right now.


do you know how to do that?


crazy, that worked! Clicked the confirm link attached to email, removed “www” and replace with us

now shows processing withdrawal.


I’ve been using all morning with no issues, as far as i can tell.
(I had issues with regular domain name and the .us domain.)


I got the withdrawal to work that way too… Thanks for the help guys! just added the “us” instead of “www”


What is up with binance? I can’t even get the page to load :roll_eyes:


go to


Thank you, first time I’ve had to do that.


It works I did it,… No WWW


CEO announced on twitter that “there was a DDoS on their cloud provider”.

Been a rough couple days for them, eh?


Damn that suck. People trying to mess with DCA day :rage:

Hope they are able to get back to normalcy soon.


So are withdrawals still broken? If I tried to does it just cancel after a while and I can attempt it again? When all of their shit is working right hopefully.


If you wanna withdraw, click the email. On the link change www. To us. It will let you withdraw that way


The link in the email isn’t working. That’s why I asked. Guess I’ll just have to wait and try again later.


Yea, it fails because the link still goes to Once you get the email, click it then it will just keep loading, just change the www. part of the link to us. then press enter. It will confirm your withdrawal then


Very interesting, thank you for the heads up!


Hmm I am being patient here so I saw on Twitter and other people saying we can use : and yes I went in looks ok. But I am still going to wait. If anyone else already did trading, deposits and withdraws from that link please let me know.