Binance exchange working ALMOST, but NOT WITHDRAWAL?



I keep my Cardano on Daedalus wallet…

ICX you can keep on MEW until Icon release wallet in March…


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True, but show me any day/swing trading that doesn’t leave some amount on an exchange. Part of doing that is excepting the responsibility that it may get hacked. Of course don’t leave large amounts on there and of course don’t assume that a big exchange is unhackable cause there is no such thing.


Holding balances on an exchange is not the same thing as the import and export of assets for the purposes of trading. ‘Holding’ balances on an exchange entails the concept of storage, and here is where you incur the highest degree of risk of loss. Think Mt. Gox and Cryptsy.

The possessing party is the element here that bears the most consideration. Not your trust. Not your faith. Not even the track record of the exchange. If you hold assets on an exchange, it’s only 3rd party possession in trust (and it’s not even a legally supported trust). That is not first hand possession, and first hand possession is THE ONLY way to insure that you do not lose funds to extremely well known and documented occurrences in the Crypto-Space…HACKS. Estimates of trust and risk assessment entail knowing this.

For more on trust and risk see here (the article starts about mid-way down):


Last couple days I just thought the site was down so started using it on a hong kong vpn haha.


i can’t even reach Is anyone else experience this still? is a legitimate website?


Scroll up.
I don’t think you should invest in crypto if you ask answered questions…


Yes, you can keep it on Binance and have NO WORRIES. Honestly $400 is not a lot of money at all and transferring such a low amount to a wallet is in my opinion not worth the effort and a waste of time


So does anyone know if this has updated yet so that the regular WWW site is working now? Just curious if need to keep doing the US.


LMAO! I normally try not to poke fun of people, but you kind of nailed that one. It’s like NO reading was done at all and he just jumped on in the middle of a thread and asked the question as if it had not been asked when the entire purpose of this thread was to answer the question he just asked.


I guess this all comes down to how much money you’re talking? You have 25, 50 or $100,000 I would probably agree with you. In fact I’m sure I would.

But like everything else in the world, there is no one answer that applies to everyone’s situation. You are not qualifying your statements and newbies read posts like yours and immediately get scared and run out and do things and in the process get screwed. I would say that the normal every day trader is the “regular people” that probably have $500 to $1000 bucks invested. I think anyone is safe up to probably $10,000 bucks.

And then again, that doesn’t apply to everyone either. Is this $10,000 your life savings or money you can afford to lose? Hackers and scammers are not stupid people and EXCEL at what they do and it’s very easy to take advantage of the “regular people”. So all I’m saying is before you make a post like that, you should qualify and follow it up by saying that for simple every day funds that’s not needed. But for large amounts of money or perhaps medium amounts of money that people cannot afford to lose, they should do that but then you need to go ahead and add to be extremely cautious because it can be a catch 22, because the point at which they are trying to be extra safe, also happens to be the point where they are the most vulnerable to being scammed or hacked.

Present situation is Frenchy with his $400. I guarantee you the odds of him losing that money have just been multiplied many times for such a low amount vs just leaving it and letting it go. I mean, it’s not like you turn on the news and every other day you are hearing about somebody losing their funds from the exchange. It’s just not happening and even when it does it’s normally for a certain targeted coin. It’s not a “general sweep” of the inside of the place cleaning it out of everything.

There is absolutely no reason to give the advice to an individual that only has $400 to involve the process of a wallet when places like Coinbase and Binance are about at secure as they come.

Again I say. Not ONE time EVER has somebody hacked into any exchange and stolen one person funds. That being the case, why warn people that they need to remove it and store it in a wallet because that seems like a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist?

So I agree with you in general “theory”, but only when you’re talking about a sizable amount of money.


Does a user in the crypto-space end up relying on exchanges to secure his or her funds? Yes, especially in the already presented case of trading. It’s a necessary evil. Does a person have a right to determine whether they should explicitly use an exchange as a medium of storage based on the amount of money on the exchange? Yes, they do, but that speaks more to how they value money more than it does how they assess the security of said exchange. There is no way to escape a logical line of subordination here.

I am aware that my writing style has an air of absolutism. My wife’s index finger is a consistent reminder. But in the end, it really is only my view I am stating. But I won’t refrain from voicing my views on the storage of money on exchanges just so someone else can avoid experiencing a little bit of fear. Mostly because the current ‘flippening’ is that the value of money is subordinated to ones ‘faith’ in the security of the exchange. It’s the reason I linked the article on trust to one of my replies. I’m attempting to get people to open their eyes. If you knew my concept of the value of money, it might be a little more clear.

One last point, and this is not an opinion, when Cryptsy fell only Bitcoin and Litecoin were taken, but all users were locked out completely and all currencies were frozen. I know this, not only because I read a lot, but also because I was one of the victims. This is why I advocate for the new guy or the little guy by advising them to not use exchanges as their own personalized and private storage platform.

It’s true that in the end we all must make a judgement call, but ‘newbies’ need to be made aware of the risks involved, especially since most don’t even know that they should be assessing that risk.

I am not arguing against you. I am arguing for the very same people in this space that you are defending.


Let’s get back on topic here people. I’m pretty sure we are all basically making the same point in different ways. Leaving crypto on an exchange is a necessary evil for trading, but should not be where one stores ones HODL. Now we can get back to talking about binance needing to fix their shit.


What is broken on Binance still?


I agree, is anything still broken or is the WWW site good to GO as well as US?


All valid points and you had me laughing as well!
Let’s agree that our disagreement perhaps is a good thing, as both views are ONLY interested in protecting others. I guess that’s all that really matters is we care :slight_smile:


Haven’t been able to get on anything but the pub sporadically for the last few days so not sure what is up and running. I won’t be back to normal activity for a few days to check these things. Cryptonation is life!!!


Since no one else has responded this much I can add and say. The WWW site IS back up and running. However. I have not deposited or sold anything to verify if the confirmation emails will work with the WWW site and that there is no longer a need to swap it out with US


Update: Sold some things and transferred out. I did have to change email link to US from WWW. But don’t know if would work if I log out of US and into the WWW Binance sight cuz I’m still working out of US.

My guess is all is well and if I log out of US and into WWW Binance the emails would now confirm as they should.

But…Binance has STILL obviously NOT corrected the issue as confirmation emails from the US website SHOULD be sent to US Binance, not WWW


Thank you for the update. :smile: