Biggest Scam on the planet - STAY AWARE and Share (OPTIONS TECH LIMTIED)



No update mate, send countless emails regarding pending withdrawal, but no responses.

Hey guys this is one the Cryptexmarkets trader telegram channel. Link below.

A guy with “CTM” username runs the channel

Has anyone tried going through money recovery group?


Send them an email claiming you want to invest a million, but you want to meet up in person to arrange the details :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t join this group. He runs another group, too.
I think he is one of them.


Same reply and no answer again.


pretty sure teh CTM guy is one of them.


Latest scam news from the channel.

“Cryptex Copy Fund:
Hey guys, this is pretty in-depth what I’m just about to post so any queries msg @ctm18 or info@ and I’ll hopefully be able to clarify.
Over the last 2 months due to some extremely bad press CRYPTEXMARKETS are now looking to potentially close their platform due to major investors and corporations pulling out, there are a vast amount of clients who have enjoyed great profits which is great to hear however due to them losing so much capital they have reached out to a 3rd party solicitors firm who I have an association with in Switzerland. This company deals with shares and has started purchasing blocks of ICOs for the long term.
The withdrawals have been suspended by cryptex until they have funds from their pre ICO launch, I have spoken to a large number of you and from the legal proceedings and documents they are able to purchase coins and make payments by bank transfer within 5 business days. Again you can message me how to do this, due to them still being a business they will require 25% of your deposit level. I appreciate this maybe a concern either because lack if capital or you possibly don’t trust the platform. If you are looking to get your funds out as quickly as possible then this is the best opportunity however unfortunately the offer will only be valid until 9am UK time Monday 4th June 2018.
Just to confirm as well I am setting up my own crypto copy fund but as you have prob guessed not on this platform so like I said any questions @ctm18


I got duped as well, ctm guy identifies himself as David, never gave his last name go figure.
Can we all get together and do something about this. These guys scamming so many of us needs a United effort to take them down.
Let me know if anyone has any thoughts.
I have already complained in the Australian cyber crime agency and the financial ombudsman.
Btw has anyone had any success using payback organizations ?


tried to get my money off the bank.

as helpful as asking a deaf, blind, disabled mute person for directions…


not financial advise, but i would meet up with this guy at his house and tell him you want your money back, of course that might not do the trick, but i’m sure eventually he will start paying if his tires get slashed and he gets rocks through his windows


good luck tracking him down.


Based on the latest mail from them you need to deposit 25% of your balance. Wtf. Did anyone done this?


Was really tempted :slight_smile: then my wife brought me my senses, already lost more 20k.

Anyway considering to use the following to recover their funds?


Please don’t send them anymore money they’re just trying to get more out of you


I mean what possible reason would they need to get 25% deposit of your balance. makes no sense.


Well I see, unfortunately, more and more victims are checking in reporting they’ve been ripped off by Cryptex-Markets. I hope you’ve all did report at the Police or ActionFraud so authorities can at least investigate to stop them stealing people’s money.

Since last week they stopped trading due to their financial issues. I got update clients have to be patient and they’re hoping they resolve legal proceedings asap. Well I think they’ll keep “hoping” for ever and we never see our money back.



What have they said to you in terms of not giving money back/ excuses

I have ways of getting money back so will get my initial from them one way or another

**[quote=“EricB, post:45, topic:37980, full:true”]
I’m sorry mate but as I see it that’s a 33k loss so far. This 7K is paid with other peoples’ money just to convince you they seem to be legit, but they aren’t. CryptexMarkets is a SCAM, a fraud, a Ponzi scheme.

Untill they prove otherwise, it is an unlawful unregulated vague firm ripping people off and giving you all the excuses in world to invest even more…

Since they’ve been exposed and officially reported to the authorities the firm went silent. At least to all clients who are asking critical questions so they can focus on other ignorant investors. The usual phone number +442071838907 went offline, no email responses, no calls, nothing.

Unfortunately, up to now CryptexMarkets looks suspiciously like hot air!



I spoke to payback Ltd today and quite confident they can put pressure to get money back in certain ways

Message me if you want to be included maybe we can do a group case?


Also spoke with payback - they are asking for upfront payment - which I find suspicious. I would definately be interested if the payment is afterwards and baised on money recovered.


Payback LTD is a scam! Don’t make the same mistake again by upfront payments. These scammers make use of people who desperately looking solutions (just like me). They claim 90% succesratio, why should pay upfront if they almost certain of recovering your funds? Don’t go into business with them.


Have to agree look dodgy after speaking with them a few times . Decided not to sign up wanted 2k upfront and 10 percent commission on recovered funds. I said I’d give them 20 percent commission for no upfront fee and they said no we need payment up front and I’m not comfortable with that. Anyone else on here got any ideas?