Biggest Scam on the planet - STAY AWARE and Share (OPTIONS TECH LIMTIED)



At some point they will steal all your funds as they did ours. Just see the screenshots above.


I tried several times to withdraw. They’re still trading my account in profit though. But they won’t let me withdraw a cent, so it’s just numbers and no actual value.

You had successful withdraws you say. This were amounts in the few hundred bucks or thousands? Maybe you can show us printscreen or something? With this type of Ponzi schemes they first let u withdraw small amounts to convince and then they hook you when you invest bigger amounts.


No problems will screen shot and send back

Invested £40k had back nearly 7k

What is the excuses they are giving you for declining withdraws?


I’m sorry mate but as I see it that’s a 33k loss so far. This 7K is paid with other peoples’ money just to convince you they seem to be legit, but they aren’t. CryptexMarkets is a SCAM, a fraud, a Ponzi scheme.

Untill they prove otherwise, it is an unlawful unregulated vague firm ripping people off and giving you all the excuses in world to invest even more…

Since they’ve been exposed and officially reported to the authorities the firm went silent. At least to all clients who are asking critical questions so they can focus on other ignorant investors. The usual phone number +442071838907 went offline, no email responses, no calls, nothing.

Unfortunately, up to now CryptexMarkets looks suspiciously like hot air!


this is heartbreaking, always make investigations before investing in any site.


Thanks for sharing. I don’t understand why you’d let somebody else trade for you if it goes up or down as you can do that yourself and have full control.


I promise you mate you’ll be laughing about 2700 in the future, chalk it down as lesson learned and get back into the top 20 and a couple of icos


already on it. got Bezant.

and despite not getting into the ICX ICO, I did get in on day 1 on the exchange :slight_smile:


Glad to hear brother, keep strong, keep coming back to the pub daily and you’ll be fine


Did you end up being able to withdraw Eric?
I have a small mount on there that has been trading at profit but I haven’t tried to withdraw yet


good luck…get out while you can!


I was in too… so stupid…


Did you get out ferry ?


this sounds quite possibly like a Ponzi,

Ponzi’s are always super charismatic and get you excited

sad to hear you got burned,

Thank you for the warning


Me too i cant withdraw… no one is replying on my emails. I only got autoresponder reply on their support email address


No… all’ my money are there… “GROWING”…:rage:


Any update guys? - Think I have been scammed -



Hi mate, how did you request for withdraw?


I was scammed, too.
I lost more than 20k. So sad…
Now there is 35k but I can not withdraw at all…


Any updates ? I still cannot reply no emails.
I once got a reply saying that this is their legal already and they are checking on it.