Bezant Token + Bitcoin Pub Giveaway πŸ”₯



Sorry for the wait mate. Out of my control. Their reasoning is more important than giving us some tokens. We will find out soon. It’s exciting though!

Hoping to distribute tokens tomorrow


New incentive out soon as well. Hoping tomorrow.

Its gonna be yuge!

Will close this thread and open a new one


Ok I was just looking on MEW to see if they were there,don’t even see the symbol on there yet in the tokens list


Patrons! All tokens have been sent. However, I’ve just checked and roughly half have not gone through :unamused:

Will process it again


Got mine. Thanks for all of the hard work my brother!


Received. Appreciate your great contribution brother!


Got it now :slight_smile: Just checked…


all tokens have been sent apart from two that gave an incorrect Ether address.

As im a nice guy - i will wait for them to send it to me instead of spending it :wink:


Recieved mine! Cheers buddy!!


got my tokens. thanks


Well received, thank you !


Received,thanks Dutty!


Received the tokens. Thank you bro!


Thanks Dutty received :+1:


Guys… Please, follow me on twitter.

I need β€œjust” 73 more people. Come on!

(well, begging for followers are something I’ve never done before. haha)


Done. Good luck buddy


Tokens received! Thank you @Duttydirtz :clap:


Received some goodies, you the MAN, man!! :raised_hands:@Duttydirtz


Thanks a lot @Duttydirtz for your hardwork. I received my tokens too :+1:


Tokens received! Winner