Bezant Token + Bitcoin Pub Giveaway 🔥



Guys, please, vote in our poll for the Donation Campaign for @Duttydirtz hard work.

As I personally think that this guy deserves more than just love and thank-yous!


youre the man @Duttydirtz and @peter
Both been grinding hard



Donations are against the rules, please take it down. However if you want to pay back, donate to the pub instead.


What cant I pay for the Bitcoin Pub Patroen in Crypto?


I don’t think Patreon are as advanced as we’d like them to be.


Not if they are approved by the DogeBros. @peter, @john, would it be ok if we run this?


do we really need to use telegram …


No. Let’s wait on it. No need to get carried away.


Ok… ok… I guess we would have to wait. :wink:


This is awesome. I have no intentions of using telegram, but I can appreciate some bitcoin pub love.


Brilliant stuff dutty peter and oh! love it


and make sure to also follow them on twitter


Funny… there are already scam accounts active on twitter


I upgraded to Pirate yesterday…Am i now qualified to get the free BZNT?


Yes Rik but make sure to join their telegram group and represent the pub :facepunch:


I’m all over this. Time to upgrade to a pirate :+1:t3:


Boom! Well done brother :facepunch:


I signed up for their Telegram a whie back and forgot all about it,I went to sign up and was already a member! How do we receive the 300 tokens or show that we are signed up to their Telegram?


First week of August we will collect tg usernames from all Pirates and above. Verify with their team. Bezant send the tokens to the Ether address that we will get that same time as well


Hi, this is my first time using patreon, I like what I see so far! I saw the giveaway on Bezant’s telegram, so I signed up for pirate level access. What else do I need to do to ensure I get my tokens?