Bezant Token + Bitcoin Pub Giveaway 🔥



Yes great idea. Follow me please @DirtyBerty87

Need more followers. Gonna be active starting next week


To make it easier I just went through and followed mostly everyone who follows you. Lol. Hopefully they’ll follow me back.


Aha that’s a great idea! I’ll do the same now


No not pirate level mate…only the $1 Patron.


Only pirate level qualify for this giveaway mate.

However, look at my second bit which is open to everyone and gives you a chance to earn big


When’s the dead line to sign up as a pirate for the 600 bez?


It was the 31st of July.


Ok so can’t sign up now to participate?


Just want to repost this again! Please pay attention to number 2 as this is where we can potentially earn some a lot of tokens.

Follow their bounty criteria and earn free tokens.

Guys, I’ve just negotiated something really great with the remaining Bezant tokens!

  1. All pirates and above will now receive 600 BZNT tokens instead of 300! Today is the last day to send me your details!

  2. The remaining tokens will be given to ALL (including non-patrons) pub members that appear on the Bezant Community Drop Campaign leaderboard. This will be calculated based on your position on the leaderboard. The higher you are the more tokens you will get. This prize is for Pub members only and is in addition to the Bezant prizes.

Please see details below!

Medium – 3 Aug 18 13


A chance to win up to 150,000 BZNT tokens!

Reading time: 4 min read

Any questions let me know!


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Cheers brother. Followed!


You can take mine buddy, you deserve it


Piss off I don’t want it. Hurry up and send it please mate, it’ll make us look good that we have embraced their offer


how? :slight_smile: lkadsfj lkajsd flkajsd fhave to catch up on reading, been traveling


Let’s help each other out getting more followers on our twitter handles, so we can spread some Bezant love in the coming community drop campaign…

I will follow anyone that follows me :bezant::bezant:


Everyone receive their 600 Bezant?

Also follow me and I will follow back!

Check out McNamara (@xTMacAttackx):


Guys the tokens will be a day or two yet. I’m hoping to process it all manually tomorrow.

I’m processing it all… So you lot better appreciate it :wink:

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Glad I sent my details at the first notice,what a team those guys are!!!