Best tutorial for learning TradingView


HI Folks,
I am taking a crypto trading/charting course on Edemy and need to practice charting. I would like to use Trading view, but am not finding detailed, clear info anywhere for noobs. Does anyone have a tip for good beginner instructions for Trading View?

Many thanks!


B90X program, it’s absolutely amazing and free.
You can jump straight to technical analysis, from day 17 or start from the beginning-highly recommended.


Many thanks Kimchi, I will check it out!


Good luck my friend. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Here in the PUB is always someone who’s ready and happy to help.


Thanks for this! Loving trading view, here are the reasons why:

  • accesible through web browser and smartphones

  • Bitcoin data and global markets can be charted

  • Lots of tools that you can use

Still have a lot to learn so thanks for the tutorials! will check each of those shortly


Welcome in the Pub. B90X program is the best! Have a great day :sunny: