Best portfolio app/website


Here they bros

I currently use Blockfolio as my portfolio tracker, but would like one which has a desktop and ios version, that sync automatically together. The only exchanges I use atm are Binance and Gdax. I would also prefer if the tracker is free.

I like Blockfolio but only being on ios is abit of a pain for me, but for me a nice clean interface gui is crutial.

What would be the best option?

Sending my love to y’all


I am using There is a free plan but limited in functionality.


you could try it uses API to pull data

Or but its the same as blockfolio by entering data manually


I really like the look of Altpocket, just a shame they don’t seem to have an IOS app.


Apparently its on their roadmap.

i use this for my phone:

its awesome it pulls with API and its free!


I like:


the cryptocompare looks nice!


i use cryptocompare as my daily main portfolio and bituniverse on my phone


its not an in depth portfolio manager it just gives your value.

Cryptocompare gives you down to the cent what you have made and what you have lost


Cryptonaut. Have a great day


The one and only for now:


Just an update after a day of testing several apps, I now use Bituniverse on mobile and Cointracker on desktop, mainly because they both have great API settings(something hard to find), and for me that was a massive plus, as i didn’t have to manually enter each trade. IOS app Desktop tracker

Both have very nice interfaces imo, and ofc the API integration is very nice and slick, overall great apps.

Oh, and they’re both free!!


Awesome information everyone. I’m deciding between cointracker and cryptocompare for desktop.


I was actually about to post about what you just described, How do you like it I just set up my bituniverse and api keys etc… all is good. but I only used it for one day looks like you have more days using it .

also what personal info do they take cointracker and bituniversde what is their priveate policy?


To be honest I have been using a lot more, as from my phone I have been accessing from Safari. I think it´s an amazing website, can do taxes, view all prices, performance of coins. Literally perfect. I have also been in contact with their devolopers, all very knowledgeable and working on lots of new updates, an an official mobile app soon!


what about thier private policy, what personal info does take or share?

does shows fees per trade etc… all automatic or does it require manual entry of data?


I would like to suggest It has option to sync with your favorite exchanges through API.


Take a look at also.