Back into NEO + news (airdrop)



Hi guys,

Its been a while i looked into NEO and what’s going on with the projects so i’m starting to read up.
Found this video which has some nice information

I did the misstake to sell my NEO’s when it was at 40 and been waiting for r dip to buy back but i doubt it will ever go down to that level again so i jumped back in at 0.071 satoshi. Had some mad gain on EOS :wink:

Also, do you guys use Ledger for your NEO? i have Ledger Blue that i use for storing my NEO but i read some people have problem with disappearing NEO’s.
Actually not sure its Ledger related, i see many people report the same for regular wallet on reddit and Discord.

Anyone here had the problem with balance go to 0 with to obvious reason ?
Sadly Discord support is lacking for NEO, not a very active community i would say.


There was a problem with Neon.Setup.0.2.2 not showing the correct balance.
Neon.Setup.0.2.4 corrected the problem.

If Neon glitches out, address balance is viewable on the blockchain.


NEO are having some killer ICOs coming out in the next few weeks/months so I am hyped again.

Great time to grab more NEO at a discount too.


I too keep finding myself buying up NEO! I keep buying and cost averaging.

Seeing true potential here for sure!


Yepp thats where i’m at all day long, so cool with GAS being generated :smiley:
Can smell the money hehe


Yep, i’m much more inclined to put money into platforms that will be used in the future. Lots of things are being built on top of NEO as well as ETH so i keep buying into them as much as i can.