#B90X - DAY 90 - Commencement - Let's Begin



I’m a better person from having finished this B90X program. I’m sure I’ll come back from time to time and get refreshed as I need it.
Thanks @peter @john
You guys are unbelievably gifted and genuine.


thank you good sir! really appreciate you being part of our team!


When I stepped into the P90X program, I expected just to learn about cryptocurrency and how to better my investments.

I was looking for the market guru.

What I found was so much more. If you’ve made it through this program you know exactly what I’m talking about. Life has been changed and altered.


That intro!!
I am the local Crypto Rev. Preaching my sermons once a month at the white pheasant.
Thanks to the b90x challenge I have managed to build up a portfolio of crypto far larger than i originally intended.
Without the Bitcoin pub i would most likely have given up on Bitcoin around March 2018. But i didn’t. And boy o boy am i glade i didn’t.
I’m going to make a pledge.
Now i have completed the b90x i will become a Patron.
Every year i will complete the B90x challenge.
Thank you Peter and all those involved in the Bitcoin pub, you have all truely help me change my life.