#B90X - DAY 90 - Commencement - Let's Begin


thank you good sir! really appreciate you being part of our team!


When I stepped into the P90X program, I expected just to learn about cryptocurrency and how to better my investments.

I was looking for the market guru.

What I found was so much more. If you’ve made it through this program you know exactly what I’m talking about. Life has been changed and altered.


That intro!!
I am the local Crypto Rev. Preaching my sermons once a month at the white pheasant.
Thanks to the b90x challenge I have managed to build up a portfolio of crypto far larger than i originally intended.
Without the Bitcoin pub i would most likely have given up on Bitcoin around March 2018. But i didn’t. And boy o boy am i glade i didn’t.
I’m going to make a pledge.
Now i have completed the b90x i will become a Patron.
Every year i will complete the B90x challenge.
Thank you Peter and all those involved in the Bitcoin pub, you have all truely help me change my life.


Day 90 of our latest B90X Challenge Complete! We Made It! Look Forward to the Announcement of when I’m Starting up the Next Round of B90X during this Friday Night’s Livestream!


Day 90 Woo!! I like many people fell off around day 20 on my first attempt through this. Restarted after the Meetup in Atlanta. Many of these lessons I had already placed into my life, but it was great to be reminded of their importance.
Time boxing was a new concept, and I still don’t have that completely down. I do however get much more accomplished on a daily basis.
Thanks to @peter and @john for all you do!


Stay the course! Let’s do this!

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Thanks to @peter and @john for all you do!
My life is completely different than when I started the challenge.
I’m so grateful, masters :relieved::pray:t4:


Woah nelly!!! That was a great 90 days!


WOOOT!!! Made it!!

With everything that was thrown at me, even a kitchen sink issue I fix, while I was working on completing this course it took me a little longer than the 90 days but I will say this is one of the most informed and best course I have taken. Though it’s focused on crypto, there are so many applicable uses to integrate into other areas of my life.

For you to offer all this for free is truly unique and inspiring. Thank you @peter and @john I am incredibly grateful for your example and insights! :hugs::grin:


Awesome! I’m so glad you finished… but can you go again? :wink:


Planning on it… just maybe this time without the plumber experience. lol


fantastic job @Rosalie!! way to go!!


this felt long

In terms of change, I learned some technical analysis (trading and markets are completely new topics for me), became more self-aware and got some pro tips.

Since I’ve gained interest in personal development about 2 years ago, I’m familiar with some advice here. However, it always helps reminding it since I still don’t implement many of those tips.

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now time for some feedback to the creators

I really liked that you made the journey engaging. You asked thought provoking questions by the end of most posts. That made me think and become more aware of things. It was more than just a passive article or video. Big thumbs up for this!

In terms of what could be improved, I think the program can have a better structure. To me, the transitioning between topics and how they are arranged felt a bit random.

Anyhow, I cannot imagine how much effort went into making this. And it’s free. Putting the technical analysis on the side, B90X looks to me like a summary of a lot of personal development books.

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First of all great program that you made. Hats off to you. This is 10x better and more informative than many courses that you pay for. The one thing I took away from this video was Ego. Are you doing it for yourself or the perception of others. As soon as I seen that video it changed my habits right away. To the Moon we go! Definitely paying it forward. Going to tell some of my friends to go through the B90x Program. All the way. #Nocap

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