#B90X - DAY 90 - Commencement - Let's Begin



The Pub feels like a home!


It’s home for me! I’m always in!


It’s always very special to see someone being very passionate about what he’s doing… It gets the forgotten gray cells shifting in higher gear. Tnx for that.

Being around for about 6 decades a lot is known territory of sorts. Then again, i forgot some of my hard learned lessons … Tnx for reminding me and adding some new perspectives.

I especially enjoyed the TA part. This was new. So tnx for adding something new to my gray cells. Then again, i expect to have to come back multiple times to remind me… :sunglasses:


I made it through all 90 !! These are really good. Lots of wisdom here. Peter, you are a true counselor and teacher.


Glad you made it through! It’s only just begun!


Done, but only round 1! Time to Repeat as you say. Will restart Day 1 in the morning, to pick up things I missed at first. This is really good and straight forward. I’ve got my son using it too.


Wow! Wonderful!
Spread the b90x love to your friends and colleagues!


WOOOOOO FINISH! Thanks peter for making all these video. Really appreciate it. Since the downtrend of bitcoin I spent these time learning this cryptocurrency market is all about and try to better understanding on it. I am still hodling through this storm of red LOL.