#b90x - DAY 9 - Personal Relationships




Bridges have been burned long ago with negative nancys. Just the crypto nation and my girl for the most part.


I started working on this a looong time ago. People will drag you down. Show me your closest friends and I’ll show you your future is SO true!!!


Only those that commit to each other will win


100% the truth. Who you hang out with is what you’ll become. I learned the hard way. Great message Peter!


I pretty much hang with the pub and my girl. There is extended family time as well as some time I spend with certain friends, but again this is quite limited.


Yes, this so important and I’m really happy to be part of our team and crypto fam!


Checking to see how you’ve doing since this post.
Hope you are doing well.


My apologies, Anthony. Just read your follow-up post.
Hope you’re doing well.


I understand your sentiments on being an introvert. Although I am very friendly & outgoing, my nature is to spend a lot of time in solace. Since you posted, have you been able to find people that resonate with you and build a friendship? I have found that passion for things of similar interests helps. My apologies for the late reply.


Hey Bob, were you able to make some contacts?