#b90x - DAY 9 - Personal Relationships



I find that there’s a natural ebb and flow of my relationships as I push myself. The more I push myself, the closer or further people get as they want to push themselves or not.


SUPER hard when the people grabbing at your feet while you are trying to climb are sometimes those who a very big parts of your life!! I am, however, looking for local enthusiast groups in my city where I can, at minimum, offset those nay-Sayers and critics. Good luck to me!! LOL


getting engaged keeps you in the grind!


I am finding that more and more!!


realized this a while ago. Many are very short in supportive column of crypto. So been reaching out and finding friends that are taking this venture on too.
This has been applying to both my new business, personal life and Crypto Life


I’ve even throttled down family relationships (none of my inner circle, thankfully) during the past five years except for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Chinese New Year. It has been liberating to say the least.


Dude! Taking action! I love it! Go for it!


I have always been really excellent at cutting people out. Almost to a fault. Haha! I have always been dedicated to my dreams and if anyone threatened that, friends, partners, family, members, whatever. Then, see ya later!!
Getting sober 3 years ago, really pushed this concept even further. Cutting out toxic people was essential to my survival. But, getting sober also makes it hard to socialize in environments with alcohol. I’m a little bit introverted and I used drugs and alcohol because I’m a massive social retard and super shy. So, being social is a challenge that I’m determined to conquer.
The last 3 years I have been working really hard at surrounding myself with positive and influential people. I have a very small circle of friends and they are all inspiring, creative, hard-working and awesome! My wife is hugely influential spiritually and helps keep me grounded, focused, healthy, positive and in love with life and family.
I desire to expand my circle of positive influencers and meet new people who embody abundance and prosperity. I have never had a mentor for business, finances, or life-skills. I would love one. Like most of us, I did not have a financial education and for most of my life have been financially illiterate and have made some big financial mistakes. Through self-education, I am determined to change this. I AM changing this. I’m excited to make the necessary paradigm shifts that can elevate myself and my family. I would love to have people in my circle who understand and have a healthy relationship with money, business, investments, passive income.


I did say to myself in the b90x a couple days ago some of the waste i could get rid off from my life and that was toxic people that will take my focus away from the direction im facing

I got a very close circular of 2 friends who i share my full thoughts with and engage in different topics and opions even though they may differ from each other its to try and educate each other, one person i have been working with outside if crypto space have now invested together in building a mining rig
I never really tend to have more than 2 very close friends who i talk to all the time about anything


I am a very positive person and so I recognize the negative people quite easily and have always been good at keeping the negative and “fake” people at arms length. They are just to draining to be around. I have a couple of close friends and family that would support me at whatever I do and I recently was surprised that my sister has invested in Bitcoin too !! Yes… I did send her the link to DC TV YouTube channel and told her to get on here too. She hasn’t yet but I will keep on her . :sunglasses: