#B90X - DAY 87 - Family First - Daily Habit #8



Family first. That’s it. Remember those that will be at your deathbed.
Because, it’ll probably be just them.


:doge: :doge: :doge: :doge:


Family first, it’s important to remember!


Home is always where the heart is.


Hang up the phone, leave the work. Go to your house, call your love.


Great advice sir…we discuss so much on how to make time for our new crypto life but we also need to make time for the ones that matter most!


This is so true and so important!


This is always on my list of things to do for the day. It’s easy to get stuck in front of the computer working on whatever, but it’s important to wind down at the end of the day with loved ones.


Intentional family time doesn’t sound bad sounds productive to have most fun as possible :ok_hand:


hell yea too many ppl get all into work and forget the small stuff they need to enjoy


Indeed. All we do is for the betterment on our family. Thanks for this powerful reminder.


I designed my Vision and Mission around family, despite being a workaholic like yourself Petah. I think two key words you mentioned are “Intentional Presence” where they are all you are thinking about when you are with them, and not absent-minded worrying about anything else. Everything we do is for our family, but they don’t need just money, they need us, our entire us… and we need them for fulfillment. Great advice and reminders Peter which I designed my Vision around.


Family first and always!


Family should be the #1 motivator. Family first!


I want financial freedom and independence for my fam


Amen. Cheers to a great family and cherish the good people around you, life is too short! :wink:


Momma! I love you! <3


Without my family I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Especially my parents. 감사합니다!


End goal to have as much family time as possible.

Btw cofounder of Yen gonna have a lot more than family at funeral lol


What are we working for if not for our families?
DAY 87 – Thank you for daily habits. Daily habits lead to HODL habits. :pig2::btc::pig2::bitrocket: