#B90X - DAY 85 - Work Out Every Day - Daily Habit #6



Yes. But you already knew the importance of working out and getting off your butt.

Start with a walk. That’s what I do when time is of the essence.


I can testify to this one. I’ve been a huge couch potatoe since finishing University 10 years ago.
Nearly zero physical activity with daily grind back a forth to work and raising kids.

Friend of mine hit me up to start a “Couch to 5k” program (simple run-walk program) over this past summer. Starting out, I couldn’t go 60s without being winded. With a little mutual encouragement, smashed the 5k continous run in a few months and currently working on 10k distance.

Its hard to stay motivated I know, but you’ll feel better about it in the end.


Couch Potaters, I recognize that behaviour. thanks for reminding me, hard to stay motivated but it’s really important.
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Thanks…A great idea to do first thing in the morning while I ignore my electronics and be able to think about the day! Thanks.


Everyday get it done!
Once the habit it there, everything around the flows better or ends the day better!:facepunch:t4:


A simple message today! Just finished my walk earlier, and I am ready for the day!


I’ve been following this since the start of the year now, doing something every single day, and it really helps. Sometimes it’s hard to go for a run at 6 AM, but the rest of the day goes a lot easier when you start off by moving your body for a while.


I’m always on the go lol. just not working out but my gear fit 2 said I walk about 5 miles a day. :sunglasses:


I have a 30min work out routine… am at it daily… lets do this!


The first week and the first month are the walls we have to crush to ensure it remains as a routine. After the month wall I notice that my body craves the exercise. I am working to increase the frequency as I am also an older father of twins, which means I better not break a hip for my children’s high school graduation! LoL, I have double motivation, my family and myself! Once I do, my mind functions even smoother and faster, like my old school inscription over the gym wall reminded us, “mens sana corpore sano”, (a healthy mind in a healthy body). You can’t have one without the other


Injuries have kept me on sidelines from the gym for a few months, but I still get my walk in.


I love to walk, but I do that more for my mental health than physical. I attend to gym, but need to more regular for sure, the problem is after training I barely can move.

But Dustin Matthews taught me something important


I agree this one is very important! I was challenged several years ago to do 21 push-ups for 21 days. I’ve been doing them ever since daily but now up to 40. Yesterday I started working out with my wife incorporating Yoga and an an workout. My point is start small, it’s more about the daily commitment than any thing! Cheers :clinking_glasses:


All about the gains… gain gains, brain gains, blockchain gains…


Yes, gym day all day or every other day is beneficial. I can attest that working out has a dramatic and profound way of changing your You’ll lifestyle and body. You’ll be healthier, happier and motivated.

I also used to run and walk prior to hitting the gym and it took me a year to lose about 40 lbs of junk fat, but it was well worth it.

Heck, if motivation and incentivition is what you all need, then use one of those blockchain dApps that will pay you to workout!

SEE YOU ON THE MOON! The market is looking tasty right now!


Been taking those night walks with dog. I enjoy the exercise. I’ll probably start getting more hardcore in the not so distant future.:muscle:t3:


I knew this topic was coming back to bite me in the ass lol but like I mentioned in previous B90X, this is an area I have been working more this past couple of months. I can proudly say that I have been going at least 3X per week to the gym and have lost about 10 lbs. Still though, I need more days to get to my ultimate goal but like most things in going pro, baby steps!! I just gotta keep doing what I am doing and I know eventually I will get to my 5X per week goal.


Been making it a habit recently just gotta keep the streak alive.


i like to bike ride down the local trails

great way to clear the mind and get a good night sleep


Getting ready for a walk at this very moment.

But first a slice of pizza for energy!

DAY 85 – I call it my HODL and waddle program…:pizza::pig2::btc::walking_man::pizza::pig2::btc::walking_man: