#B90X - DAY 83 - Retrospect all Things! - Daily Habit #4



Things i done today to help me move forward on my goals was to read books on coding
watch youtube videos on technology to have a full understanding so i can explain it the best i can to other people

Things that didn’t help me moving forward was laying in bed and looking at my phone after waking up :persevere:


Good idea, i dont do this but will give it a go. Start tomorrow as i have smashed it today.


Got shit done all day yesterday.

Today is a different story:
-Started with a slow breakfast
-Did my Box90x
-Got sidetracked for several hours on YouTube videos.
-Played with dogs
-Went to Bible study
-Watched TV
As you can see there is much room for retrospect, planning and discipline. I need more day-to-day consistency. If I’m slow out of the gate in the morning, the rest of the day mirrors it.

DAY 83 – Fresh start tomorrow…:blossom::hibiscus::sun_behind_small_cloud::sunny::tulip::sunflower::rose:


Today I woke up and went to work, got some decent hours for the week. Ein didn’t feel good and hurt his leg again so he went to see the vet, now we have to wait and see how he does until monday. Took the wife out for dinner then came home and watched the seaon 3 finale for My Hero Academia. I am really tired so I am gonna call it quits tonight.


This tool can be a game changer. I have not been doing this exercise enough. I must change to a daily habit. :+1:


Always room for improvement. Feed my mind same knowledge weekly because I’m a different person each week. Adding something new to what I knew. Each time it’s a new experience.


So many improvements to be made. I think the most intimidate one would be to be a bit tidier so I don’t waste time looking for missed placed items. Just a step in an improved direction.


This is going in place today. I can see how this will be a powerful tool to change things at a much greater speed.
I know for myself I get lost in the grind, and then get stuck in situations that seem not to be going forward.or at least forward with a speed and momentum that I desire. This should help cut the corners of waste.