#B90X - DAY 83 - Retrospect all Things! - Daily Habit #4



Top Daily Habits #4 - Retrospect all things.
Always consider how you can improve.

December 22, 2017 - ROLL CALL! - 2017 Retrospective
Daily retrospective

In retrospect, I pretty much wasted my entire day yesterday! Granted, I purposely took it easy because I am fighting off “feeling under the weather” after a crazy Vegas trip (I don’t like to use the “s” word because when I do, I tend to actually get s*ck)! However, there were productive things I could have done while still “taking it easy”, like setting appointments for today, calling new prospective clients, etc. I find it’s easy for me to use Thanksgiving week as an excuse to get nothing done all week, so I am committed to that NOT happening this year and having a productive Tuesday and Wednesday leading up to Thanksgiving.


Yep I like that! I’m doing that for a few years now. I started this when I was mostly caught up in reactive tasks as an “fire fighter” IT consultant. Here right after solving problems the next natural thing is to think about what you can do better to prevent issues. So basically a lessons learned is helpful in every aspect of life not only work of course.


I’m getting big on self analysis so i’ve somewhat already started doing this at night in my chill down period. Not so much dedicating the time to think about it just the thought process is there.
I will aim to set aside an allotted time space to think this over - which should work better.


I rarely look back on the day because I don’t give myself anytime to do it. Timebox it…of course. That is the first step…


I would say at the moment I do this too much and I tend to not add the “How can I improve?” question. Even if I can improve just 1% a day I would count that as a huge win and with the laws of compounding it would realize massive self improvement gains!!!


I reflect in my diary almost every day but so far I haven’t been very focused, it’s more of a short recap of what I did and any thoughts or analysis I have on my day.
I’m going to start retrospecting at the end of my working day and asking myself those specific questions;

What did I do today that moved me towards my goals?
What did I do today that moved me away from my goal?
How can I improve?

I will probably continue to reflect on my day and thoughts before sleeping as well, and I’ve started planning the next day too!


I don’t do this, but I should. I will build this into my daily routine. Thanks Peter for this awesome pro tip!


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Excellent advice as usual. It’s something I’ve heard people talk about in the past but it’s always sounded difficult or unnecessary. The way you put it though it makes a lot more sense. I will begin by spending just a minute or two to really contemplate what happened today and what I could do better.


well looking at to day it was a lazy one. I was sick so I didn’t go to work today. when I felt ok I did do stuff around the house. I cleaned around the house. I had some energy to out to my garage to work there for an hour. Its cold out there and all I got for heat is 2 torpedo torches in a mettle garage with no insulation. so I got a little done so I’m happy with that. so even when I’m not all up to par. I still try to get shit done. I should be good to go to work tomorrow. I’m glad in retrospect that I stayed home. i’ll be better faster that I got some rest and meds in me. me and my wife kinda do this when we tell each other about our day.


Wow! this is good. For me in retrospect… I had to do a quick reset and re-launch as my first launch out of the bed failed. I have learnt that I ought to be serious and committed. No excuses! Am actually looking into ways to start helping/volunteering for this community. Offer value…@peter you have done an amazing job, tons of priceless knowledge here, best way to give back is to journey the course together. Bravo!!


Freaking fantastic habit that I have just time-boxed into my daily routine, during my daily wind-down routine. Learning and reinforcing tons via B90X