#B90X - DAY 81 - Top Daily Habits #2 - No Electronics First Thing


Wake up and put your big boy pants on y’all! :wink:


I’ve started incorporating this habit myself, although could hold out longer fo-sho :slight_smile: but I do now notice the effects theses devices give from an external perspective. My wife wakes up and that’s the first thing she does is swoop up that phone…lol. Now looking how intrusive this shit has gotten, it’s sort of sad. Cheers to keeping us on track brotha​:clinking_glasses:


This morning I blasted off, but I did look at my cell phone! lol!

I promise Sunday Funday will be different!


My alarm is my :calling:. Now that makes it a bit of a challenge doesn’t it? :joy:


Busted! The first thing I look at when I wake up is my phone because is my alarm. Then I do a quick scan of new e-mails and if there is something to reply to, I do it quickly then coffee/breakfast time. I guess it won’t hurt trying it for a couple of days and see if something changes. Let’s goo. :hulksmash:


Don’t look at my phone until in the car about to drive great habit


Yep first think i do is check the phone… see what been going on in Discord

ill have to work on this no Electronics until im ready to work


I stopped doing this recently because after an email quick scan I would tell myself that there are several emails to answer, but no time now, I’ll do it later. So, I was handling the task twice, which is a time-waster.

DAY 81 – Do it once… and do it right…:doge::100:%


I need to get a dedicated alarm clock (have been looking into some nicer options) but right now I use my phone as alarm. Maybe I’ll leave phone in airplane mode so I can’t access the internet while i’m sleep phone scanning for the next week.


I actually keep my phone on airplane mode over night as I use it as my alarm clock. Looking forward to implementing this habit.


My morning habit is waking up and doing b90x. As soon as I finish I hope that I do not even think about my phone. It is honestly the wrong way to start out the day. Peter is so right on this on. But after B90X I plan to read every morning.


This unfortunately, is contrary to my intentions of getting up early. My plan was to get on the computer and study. Firstly finish up my B90X program, but then use the time to study my trading and different coins so I can get that bitcoin a bit faster then my normal DCAing, I got 20% of one coin now and am trying to get one whole coin by year end, but am worried the rocket is going to start launching before I get my entire ticket… What I can say is, I do not do the social media thing. I only use Facebook to sell things, I do not use twitter or Instagram or the like. I rarely look at my emails as this is mostly garbage. So I will not be going there. I can at least hold off until coffee and shower and setting daily goals.


I will need to work on this. I’m not sure how to not get on the computer and start working when I wake up with inspiration. :thinking:


Find inspiration inside oneself or a good book. Something but electronics and consumption mode!


Thank you however it’s not that I find inspiration on the computer but when inspiration hits I start writing or working on the computer to get it out of my head to save it. So in order to not do it on the computer, I’ll need to start actually writing it down, like what John showed with his inspiration journaling, instead of doing it on the computer.


I usually don’t look at my phone for an hour or so after I wake up. I make coffee. Fix breakfast. Get the little one up dressed and off to school. Then I get my phone.

I will admit, I did not get up an hour early this morning :disappointed: I could not drag myself out of the bed when my alarm went off at 5 :woman_facepalming:


Today I just got up, was on my phone for a bit but as soon as I got down to my desk. I have no urge to look at it or pick it up whatsoever for some odd reason. Going to not use anything during the morning and see how it goes.

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