#B90X - DAY 80 - Top Daily Habits #1 - Wake Up Immediately



4am daily! My wife tells me to sleep in on weekends, lol. By 5 am on Sat & Sun my lower back is hurting because I’ve been in bed for too long. My only problem is that there isn’t always something to do that early in the morning that won’t wake the rest of the house. Since I don’t drink coffee, my brain isn’t really ready for reading yet either. I love this lesson, I believe everyone should do this. Early bird catches the worm.


Just set my alarm for 1 hour earlier than normal.


I did a count down like in Thunderbirds…


To get up early I’m going to have to set some worthwhile daily goals.
I don’t have any short term goals so it is hard for me to get moving in the morning before 10 am.
But, I’m glad to see/hear that others are vigorous and hearty early birds.
DAY 80 - :Cheers to the early birds…worms for everyone. …:bug::bug::bug::bug::bug::bug::bug::bug::bug:


I tried the count down to wake up, worked for about 2 weeks then I went back (also during alpha cohort so was staying up til 1 am) I’ll try it tomorrow… ughhhhhhhhhhhh just gotta get it


I’ve tried this with mixed results, I absolutely still need my alarm clock though. I will say even when I fail to just get up the act of attempting to plus getting up earlier and earlier has made it easier to get up so that over time as I’m chipping away a destroying my bad habit of hitting that snooze button one day I won’t need an alarm at all, I’ll just blast off and get right to work.


Still lacking woke up at 3am went back to sleep to 6. :-1:


I have always had to get up early. But my new job requires me to blast out of bed at 330 am. That is for 2 weeks then I go on night shift so I am going to be messed up for a while. When the clock goes off you need to remember why you set it. You set it to get out of the bed at a certain time. Otherwise set it for a different time. One of my older cousins told me that years ago and it has always stuck with me.:rocket:


This should be easy (I say that now).I usually wake up before the alarm clock and lay there waiting for it to go off, lately it as been over an hour before the alarm (I might be turning into one of those old farts that only sleeps 3 hours a night) Now, I am going to get up instead of just lay there.


I’m going to give it a go tomorrow morning and stick to it for the next 10 days, if not permanently. Instead of laying there and snoozing through a couple of alarms I will count down from 10 and get straight out of bed the first time i wake. Hopefully this will change my mind set and be a better way to start my day.