#B90X - DAY 80 - Top Daily Habits #1 - Wake Up Immediately



4am daily! My wife tells me to sleep in on weekends, lol. By 5 am on Sat & Sun my lower back is hurting because I’ve been in bed for too long. My only problem is that there isn’t always something to do that early in the morning that won’t wake the rest of the house. Since I don’t drink coffee, my brain isn’t really ready for reading yet either. I love this lesson, I believe everyone should do this. Early bird catches the worm.


Just set my alarm for 1 hour earlier than normal.


I did a count down like in Thunderbirds…


To get up early I’m going to have to set some worthwhile daily goals.
I don’t have any short term goals so it is hard for me to get moving in the morning before 10 am.
But, I’m glad to see/hear that others are vigorous and hearty early birds.
DAY 80 - :Cheers to the early birds…worms for everyone. …:bug::bug::bug::bug::bug::bug::bug::bug::bug: