#b90x - DAY 8 - What are you Consuming?



A coworker had a little BTC and at a staff meeting, I asked him to explain Bitcoin to everyone. That was in March of this year. It took me until May to get in myself because I was doing a bunch of research. Over this past summer, I experienced the pain of growth of BTC power as opposed to alt coin growth and lost about 40% of my BTC value even though dollar-wise I am up a little. I learned that lesson. Don’t be overleveraged out of BTC. I belong to the CryptoGrinders telegram group and watch his (Ryan Lye) video’s and he had Peter on the show and I saw this community. I agree with you. I love this community! I then learned here to dollar cost avg in and HODL for dear life. Since doing more of that my gains have been much better than chasing new coins every few minutes :slight_smile:

My job now is to educate everyone I know to get in…even if just a little. People loved that our Thanksgiving dinner was about Bitcoin…lol. 2 new people joined the Cryptoverse after that discussion. Mission accomplished!

To Da Moon :rocket::rocket:


I’m reading “Principles” by Ray Dalio and “The Inevitable: 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future” by Kevin Kelly


Which one would you recommend a person read first?


Since June I’ve been on a path to improve my physical fitness. “The Four Hour Body” by Tim Ferriss is the last book I read and I continue to refer to it frequently like an encyclopedia for diet, exercise, health and more.

I’m looking forward to reading Tribe of Mentors next and joining in the book club discussion here.

I’ve been reading a lot of white papers, listening to podcasts and reading posts about cryptocurrency but I’m thinking I should take the next step and read “The Internet of Money” by Andreas M. Antonopoulos

I’m also have “Cryptoassets” by Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar on my list to read.


Recently reviewed an old Digital Day Trading book. Currently making Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris a daily staple of the mental diet. For the physical diet, I have recently added Huel to assure good nutrition.


The last books that I read were “Life and how to survive it” - written by John Cleese and his psychologist Dr Robin Skynner. Highly recommend it. I like light reading at night and fantasy so I read the Wheel of Time - excellent books too but very long (14 books in total).
I’ve also been reading Nick Szabo’s blog, unenumerated just casually when I have time.

I have a few on the reading list that I’ve been recommended, just need to go out and buy them;
4 hour work week - Tim Ferriss
The internet of money - Andreas Antonopolous
Rational optimist - Matt Ridly
Technopoly - Neil Postman
The Selfish Gene - Richard Dawkins
Thinking fast and slow (I actually own this one just haven’t started it).
The uttermost part of the world.


not currently reading anything :confused: oh hell no…
If there was one book you guys would recommend as an all over Brain changer what would it be also if there is a book that you all recommend i will go out and purchase the book with proof of purchase and start reading

Thanks guys this group is amazing!


how was it?
I am planning to buy this.


I am finishing my last semester so I am studying, but I am reading on my way to class for leisure. The one I am going to start Monday is The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons.


The Mental Game of Baseball HA Dorfman. not a crypto book, but definitely great insight into mindset and performance


Im currently reading a few books the Internet of Money 2nd Ed. (crypto related) and the Art of Passing the Buck Vol I (non crypto related) we read them at scheduled times as a family. Crypto Kidz was an ebook that wet my beak in the crypto world and i cut my teeth on Mastering Bitcoin (printed it out and marked that bad boy up) The Art of Passing the Buck Vol I & II are amazing reads (Vol II is a little pricey but def worth it) I have an Ace of Club PRC guys what can i say i love to read lol…so much decentralized tv has me speaking like Peter.

Whats your favorite book to recommend to people?


Check that!


I have read nothing but medicine related books the last decade of my life. I would really love to start reading for leisure and more into crypto currency books. It looks like the internet of money is a good start. I’m a big nerd and love fantasy/sci-fi. Anyone have any good recommendations in that genre that’s a nice light read.


I am currently reading Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor’s Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond by Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar.


Uuugggghhh… Day 8 is probably the worst for me so far… I don’t read books. The only books I read are technical manuals. There seems to be a lot of great suggestions in this thread, I may see if I can locate a good one on audio books to listen to in the car. I just can not sit down and read a book, it drives me nuts to be trying to read thinking I could be doing more productive stuff… I can’t explain it, it’s just how my mind is… but, I am trapped in the car driving so that might be a good place to get a “book” in. Thanks.


I’ve always enjoyed a good book. I picked up Dostoyevsky‘s Crime & Punishment in the 5th grade and read the entire book. I like to find good Nat Geo articles because there is always a diverse selection of good current information to be acquired in those pages. At the moment I’m in 3 books that are not required textbooks for my courses. Anyways, the last book I recently read that is remotely relevant to financial/economics was The Post-American World by Fareed Zakaria, for a Political Science class. The book gives a lot of statistical information about the world economy and the shifting tides of hegemonic superpowers to be.

Any recommendations for a good book on crypto/Blockchain? Something that does not read like an instructional manual, but will provide good information?


to be honest, not reading any book yet, although had purchased lot of books and are awaiting my time.
Need to reschedule my day and start with book reading now… !!

Will start with Mindset and then Andreas books…!!


I am reading the Internet of Money. I have started reading a couple whitepapers a night.


I read a LOT of books.
And listen to a LOT of audiobooks and podcasts.
Most recent books in my audible just listened to in the last month are:
The Odyssey (by Homer)
Meditations (of Marcus Aurelius)
The Tao of Seneca
Master Your Winning Edge
Crytocurrency: 4 books in 1
The End of Money
A Survival Guide for Life
The Power of Habit
Blockchain Revolution
The New Age of Cryptocurrency
The Fast Diet


Well I don’t read a lot, last book I listened to was the Creature from Jekyll Island.

I did order a book a few days ago. Looking for something just to inspire me to create and invent and get ideas flowing in my head again.