#b90x - DAY 8 - What are you Consuming?



Hey. I didn’t even realize it was a referral link, I just copy/pasted the url after searching the book.

I think I fixed it now?


Thank you :smile: #GoFor20


A friend of mine, David; in the U.K, just had I think his 8th book published. Reading it now.
Highly recommended!



I keep hearing about this book. I guess I need to order it from amazon now lol


I am (Re-Reading) “Goat Song” by Brad Kessler. _A Seasoned Life. A Short History of Hearding, and the Art of Making Cheese.

He is also the author of “Birds in Fall”. I would say this has no application to the topic - but it does. An individual needs to be “well rounded” in their understandings. Narrow focus blinds one to the greater scope of things. Zoom Out. :cowboy_hat_face:


I’ll be expecting a sample of that goat’s cheese when we have our first meetup!


I was real interested in what @peter was discussing with Cryptolark today. I discussed it with a chef I work with, for the benefit of our private clients who are vegan or non-dairy (even though I know goats milk has this aspect covered) there are those… and we aim to accommodate as able. :slight_smile:


I grew up drinking goat’s milk. Not on a farm. My mom was a hippie lol


That would be me - I’m a vegan :upside_down_face:


Im ordering Internet OF Money.


I don’t like reading books and I go by the mantra of follow your passion and if you struggle with picking up a book, I don’t think one should do it. It is 2017, a lot info consumption happens from reading website and I enjoy reading the pub as I feel I will get not only great info, but also up to date info. A book is already old the second it gets printed in my opinion (of course a lot of things in books are life time lessons that are applicable over a long period of time though). But I mean for news I prefer the pub :slight_smile:


Grit by Angela Smucker, and Tim Ferriss, Tools of Titans.


I suggest, for having a different approach about how to grow in life, to read the books about Transurfing from Vadim Zeland. I read all of them and they helped me to change my approach about some topics of life.

I booked on my expiring Kindle Unlimited the book named:


Let’s see how it is


Superfreakonomics to relax.


Yes that’s a really nice nice classic from Gladwell and definitely applies to the cryptospace.

I like this one too:

“The Talent Code” by Daniel Cole

In this book the author describes so called “talent hotbeds” places where a lot of succesful people spring off from. They have great mentor/teachers’s with a vison, motivated people and efficient deep practices that done repeatly really accelerate the learning curve.

Would be awesome if we can create such a place here online!
Together we can be stronger and achieve much more than alone :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::sunglasses:


Picking up reading is a must and there should be no excuses like “I dont have the time”

This nicely coincides with my situation at home around bedtime. My girlfriend can not sleep without TV and I can not sleep with. Watching Investigation Discovery “murder porn” (South park reference :joy::joy:) doesn’t cut it for me anyway, so this time is better spend reading! I have “Tools of Titans” by Tim Ferris and “Elon Musk” by Ashlee Vance laying around and will start with those. Afterwards I’m planning to pick up some books about crypto and swingtrading.:grinning:

  • Books that I have recently finished reading:

I have also completed the associated MOOC, and I have found it to be a goldmine of evidence-based good info about human learning and time management.

Stephan Guyenet explains understandably the neurochemistry behind the instincts that make us prone to overeat and how to outsmart them.

  • What I am reading:

ISSA Corrective Exercise - A Comprehensive Guide to Corrective Movement Training - first edition

A textbook related to a course that I’m finishing these days. The language is clear, and there is a super-interesting section about motor learning which touches topics like neurogenesis and learning in general. From this textbook, it is possible to gather a lot of useful information that goes beyond the strict discipline of Corrective Exercise.

The Muscle and Strength Pyramid Training - Eric Helms, Andy Morgan, Andrea Valdez.

Evidence based book related to the principles that make weight training effective. Lots of useful info for designing well-periodized training plans tailored to the individual.

Currently, I have just started to listen to the audiobook version. A lot of content. Wil report back about my impressions.

  • What I am planning to read:

I’m really passionate about learning techniques. Given the good reviews, I’ll soon dig through this book.

Not a book, but I’m planning to go through the Khan Academy playlist related to Economics and Bitcoin. As a self-learner, I have always found there a lot of good info to gather.

I’m considering to use the new Coursera “learning path” function, following their proposed path for becoming a Data Analyst. This way I should be able to make more informed decision both for my investments and eventually starting to give consulting to those entrepreneurs present on the territory that are interested in investing in cryptos but don’t dispose of enough time to inform themselves about the topic.


I also just ordered this book , have heard good reviews about it. Excited to read it.


I love your analogy!


Currently reading…

It’s a bit tough for me, not being educated in any kind of economics, but I know it’s worth it to try and gain some knowledge surrounding my investments. I know it’s going to make me feel very unsafe having my money in a bank though haha!

The other thing I’m reading is the first text for the free Masters introduction course that was posted on the Pub!