#b90x - DAY 8 - What are you Consuming?



I’m currently reading Contagious Success, got it from Peter at the meet up :nerd_face:


I’ve been reading Da Vinci and the 40 answers,very interesting info on deliberate creativity and business applications


damm, that’s so important, and really have to go back to it and I will.
I’m reading a lot of stuff online, like https://john.do/ which I’m consuming daily but I have a book next to my bed, which I’m really wanna go through, back to it.

on my wall plan! :wink:


Great read/listen here

Improve your sleep pattern - Bedros Keuilian


I just signed up for Audible and took advantage of a free month of service and just downloaded the audiobook version of Life After Google The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy by George Glider.

When thinking about what book I wanted to read, this and a few other came to mind, but I’m a slow reader and found that I can use audio narration to assist. Recently I noticed a couple of people whom I’ve been watching both were active users of audiobooks. As part of my #b90x 2018 Turkey Week power marathon, and my part of Day 8 of the series, I am going to power listen to this book. It’s going to be a ten-hour venture and I may come back and share what I learn.


Last start 2 real books The Art Of War , Shogun educational programming java for idiots, kid books Star WRs Advnture , Paddington Bear


I’m reading Tools of the Titans.