#b90x - DAY 8 - What are you Consuming?



right right !! 90dayx is my food now


Great book. Among other things, explains that only a free market can determine price.


I’m thinking about getting the book PEAK by Anders Ericsson. But I am not sure if I should get it in portuguese or English… definitely a book I’ll read.


Really enjoyed Andreas Antonopoulos on the Joe Rogan Podcast so I bought “The Internet of Money”


That is a great list of books guys. I am currently reading a few, one of which seemed like a must read:

The Disciplined Trader by Mark Douglas

It is about inner game of trading. I do highly recommend it.

I ill be using this thread for future reference.

It would be cool if someone could recommend some good resources on quality food and eating habits. I am eating relatively good stuff but I lack some good system.


well I’ve had this book here for a month now. my wife got it and i have thought about reading it. so yesterday i started it.
its called The American Jubilee a national nightmare is closer than you think by Porter Stansberry.

its about the the financial problems the world is now facing. and that the Jubilee is an old bible stuff on resetting the debt to make everyone equal. but it wont work without taking everything down. this book talks about that.also ways you need to protect your self from the next one that is coming, that the government wants to implement. we see it happening all over the world. one by one. and now i see it happening to america and is why i am here making my plan b my plan A.

chapter two and it a good read. FYI i haven’t picked up a book since 2006



Now I’m reading “Mastering Bitcoin, programming the open Blockchain” of Andreas M. Antonopoulos. It’s great!!



You’ve got a great list my friend!

…RIP Craig Mack.

~= moxie =~


How was the myth of addiction?


I want to bookmark this.


Is bookmarking possible?


Maloney’s book educated me on money and currency. Got me into Silver. Then from silver to cryptos in 2013.

Michael Maloney (2012) to Bix Weir to Tai Zen to Peter Saddington.

That is my crypto family tree.


yeah. just hit the ... and then this:

bookmarking is built-in!


A little too technical for my liking. His other book “drugspeak” is even worst.
Great ones have been “addiction is a choice” “heavy drinking” “the freedom model” “ceremonial chemistry” and pretty much everything by Stanton Peele.
I’m about to start “helplessness” by Seligman but first I need to finish “more revealed” by Ken Ragge (I read the second edition titled “the real AA” but this one is over twice the size. A lot was cut out of the first edition). I’m also going through “tricks of the mind” by Derren Brown


Thank you!
Of the ones you like how would you order them in terms of priority?

Ceremonial Chemistry sounds interesting to me. How was that for you?



I was on my phone. Found it 2 mins later.
I appreciate your time to answer.


It really depends on what you’re looking for.
For someone looking to adjust their substance use I would recommend “the freedom model”
For someone looking to understand the place drugs take in our society I would recommend “ceremonial chemistry”
For someone who wants to learn more about AA & why it’s not helpful “the real AA”
The others are mostly books that go deeper into the info provided in “the freedom model”
There’s also Dr Carl Hart’s “high price” but I didn’t like it much (more of an autobiography).That said, I highly recommend his website & looking at his stuff on youtube. He really gets into the science of choice when it comes to substance use.


I read Plutocrats,very interesting book,plutocrats live in a completely different world and function differently than what I assumed prior to reading the book.


Love this #b90x “bite” and this thread. I’m looking forward to trolling all the past posts (an advantage of coming in late to the party) and picking up lots of great ideas for books. I’m mostly interested in the non-crypto suggestions…books about life, goals and discipline in general.

I was a day trader years back. I believe I still have 50+ books on trading that I accumulated back then. I should have many of the classics. I’ve gotta crawl around under my house and find them. I’m going to pick a few books that I already have from that pile to add to my list. One book I really want to find is Nison’s candlestick book. I’ll also re-read some of the classic “discipline” books.

I’m thinking maybe I should offer to pass these books along to others to read. I would ask that someone read the book and then either get it back to me or pass it along to someone else with my info for eventual return. I’d love it if a book came back after a dozen readers had made use of it! Don’t be surprised if I post a “Steve’s pubic trading library” list.