#B90X - DAY 79 - 20 Qualities of a Bitcoin Pro



I could improve on seeks order. Time management is so important and a craft I’m still learning. I have soooo much I want to get done in the day an feel I always fall short.


1 - Shows up every day - All day everyday!
2 - Stays on the job all day - As much as possible, because life is a job in itself.
3 - Committed over the long haul - I was in a long relationship once. Committed to the max!
4 - The stakes are high and real - Just like BTC’s price. I need to work on this.
5 - Patient - My middle name
6 - Seeks order - I like things clean and organized
7 - Demystifies the unknown through experimentation - Could use more of this in the real world
8 - Acts in the face of fear - I embrace people critiquing my shitty work and habits to make me stronger!
9 - Accepts no excuses - One thing I need to be more honest to myself about!
10 - Works with what they have - A trait or instinct I most improve on.
11 - Prepared - I used to be sharp as a steak knife, so I need to sharpen my blade again…
12 - Does not show off - I’m a simple man
13 - Dedicates himself to mastering technique - I need to do this more often
14 - Does not hesitate to ask for help - Social is the name of the game. I’m not afraid to ask
15 - The professional does not take failure or success personally - Brushing them off easily
16 - Does not identify with his or her instrument - Hmmm
17 - Self-validates - This is for sure my weakness
18 - Endures adversity - Keeping my brain fresh and working through the grit is tough
19 - Reinvents him or herself - Working on a new resume now…
20 - Is recognized by other professionals - Somewhat!


I would say the first 10 are definitely me. The second half of the list would be areas I need to work on. Particularly #13 mastering your technique. I have a great deal of work to do on that one.


After reading the list I realized I still have a long way to go. Definitely worth a bookmark to get back later in a year and see how I have changed.


Stays on the job all day - This is something slacking on. Once get daily tasks want to do everyday start to get comfortable.

Patience- Consider myself a calm person at work will handle whatever is thrown my way but of course only the loved ones only one that can’t make me impatient.

Will be writing down the 20 qualities to look at daily. :pray:


i think i possess most of these traits at my job the 3 i need to work on are
-to be more patient with myself and others
-i take failure personally and i dwell on them and i should move on quickly and execute the next thing
-and self validating i seek approval from others that my work is good when i should know myself the work im doing is good


Good list. Printed it off and will stick it on fridge door.


Interesting how I’m more pro in some aspects of my life than others. As this list pertains to the crypto space, I need to work on patience and asking for help. This crypto adventure is my 6th start-up. I’ve gained many of the attributes on this list from past endeavors. I recall an Oprah show where she had 3 guests on that were all self-made-millionaire entrepreneurs. Each one had failed many times at starting new businesses. The average success rate was 21. By the time they had started their 21st business they had finally learned enough to succeed. I eagerly look forward to that day where I have learned enough to succeed. I too work harder than most people in my current profession (of only 6 years). With more experience, I’ll be able to outperform the last few people that I look up to. I grind way too hard on a daily basis to not make something more out of my life. I will earn a house in the Bahamas/Caribbean -and the lifestyle to go with it.


Great list Peetaah!
My weakest areas are:
7 - Demystifies the unknown through experimentation – I got to admit I’m weak on execution, but I play a good game in my mind.
8 - Acts in the face of fear – Slow to act.
14 - Does not hesitate to ask for help – If I asked for help maybe I wouldn’t have some of these other problems.
19 - Reinvents him or herself – I need some new methods.
20 - Is recognized by other professionals – Not too concerned about this, it will happen if it is meant to be.
DAY 79 – Working toward Pro-dom…i’m all in…:raising_hand_man:


I could work on 5, because patience can always be improved on, even if you are very patient already. 8 sometimes gets in my way as with my job you might be doing things you aren’t very comfortable with handling by yourself. 9, excuses are like assholes. “Everyone’s got them and they all stink.” That would be my top I think.


I will be printing this out and attaching it to the wall. I also will have to get The War of Art. That is the one thing that I know I am not doing with discipline. I have always been a book worm. But I will get that back into my schedule. :rocket:


The areas I feel I currently in improvement are: seeking order, self-validating, and working with what I’ve got. I do feel like there is more I could be doing in my current form, but I’m so caught up in leveling up and improving that there are certain ideas that are being put off until later.


Always room for improvement the 2 of which was said few days back of showing up and executing fast are the upmost important if priority.