#B90X - DAY 77 - Fail to Win



An example of a recent fail was not doing my daily B90X. I went away for a couple of days on a missions trip with my church and I literally had no internet where I went. I do consider this as a failure though because I committed myself to doing one lesson per day but I learned that going off the grid and hearing nothing about crypto for a week was a good thing. I definitely came back more invigorated and more hungry about continuing my blockchain designed life(tons of catching up to do though -_-). Also, after seeing how BTC and some other Altcoins went up, it makes me a little bit happier ^^


i failed high school because i didnt show the fuck up
i failed college because i didn’t show the fuck up
did it slow me no down i went and got a job and i was determined i was going to make something of myself somehow and i stuck it out working on a boat throwing my guts up from being sea sick but i was showing up for work every morning not willing to quit not wanting to let myself down again

i want to feel the same pain again and grind it out

i still fail to meet my mini daily goals and its a resistance im fighting to not be lazy at home


I had a couple of start ups that didnt go anywhere.
I lost interest in them.
I know this was because they were business ideas suggested to me by other people. I was not following my own path.
I have learnt my lesson.


My wife will probably tell you I’ve failed at being a good husband today, but then again, that’s not my focus just because I’m at home on a Sunday, lol. My failures so far in this crypto space have included a platitude of Noob mistakes. I fomo’d in to purchasing BCH at all time highs (ouch). I followed that up with purchasing a bunch of coins that youtubers were shilling (double-ouch). I then proceeded to use a self-created mathematical idea to purchase a bunch of top 20 coins because I suspected they’d climb further than BTC as BTC moved up. I failed to realize how the market cap applied to that last fuck-up -lesson learned. I didn’t DCA into any of my first purchases which make up about 80% of my crypto -and I bought all of that while the prices were still above their bottoms. About the only noob mistake I haven’t made yet is to join somebody’s crypto-calls and try my hand at swing trading. Nevertheless, I’m about 50% deep into cryptos compared to my overall portfolio and I’m not giving up yet. My blockfolio is currently down 27% but I haven’t taken a loss yet. I’m not even sure if it’s wise to still be holding things like BCH. There are a few coins I plan on selling once I can brake even/profit. I will continue to grind and learn through my failures. As much as I believe in the tech, I’m seeing people in the pub make gains on a daily basis. I will continue to observe and learn. Grind, grind, grind…


Most excellent. Stay the course!


My failure was having my money tied up in a rehab property for two years. A personal injury caused me to sell it “as is”. Slowed my momentum.

Turns out it was the best thing that could have happened. After the sale I cleared out my debts. House rehab no longer hanging over my head, resolved my stress and I get to start over. Already looking for my next investment.

DAY 77 – Some things (my accident) happen for a reason. Hodl on pubbers…:btc::ada::doge::icx::nem::miota::litecoin::eth: