#B90X - DAY 77 - Fail to Win



Thanks for sharing this info and motivating me to overcome a past failure :slight_smile:

I use an iPhone 5, I have a free android phone, a pc with windows 7, access to a mac, and I’m familiarizing myself with Linux ubuntu OS.

I would like to visit Mumbai, Goa, Calcutta, Kashmir, and the Himalayas (off the top of my head) It is kind of a mission to get to India from Florida now because I am still pursuing my masters studies but when I go I would like to spend at least a month traveling and visiting there, if not three months. I have an old Indian pal from Spanish class who also would like to go and visit Kashmir. I would also like to visit the border with Pakistan, go there, and perhaps even Afghanistan to explore the Hindu Kush mountains.


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I am on a Mac and I am using “Devanagari - QWERTY” < Input Sources < Keyboard < System Preferences.
If you want I can share 6 pics with you to find out how to type the characters in Devanagari script which is used for Sanskrit, Hindi, and over 120 languages, including Nepali.

Wow, that’s amazing, I’m literally getting chills. I also wanted to visit Kashmir… I’ve been to several places in 7 Indian states… I might never go to Mumbai and Goa… Calcutta was kinda on my list… I have like a dual citizenship by the way… I am basically Dutch… Also, my parents and grandparents were born in Suriname (former Dutch Guyana, South America) – so I can apply for like dual / triple citizenship there if I want to I believe. :slight_smile:

न म स् ते
[ nuh ~ muhs ~ tih ]
= greetings ( very polite ) :nerd_face: