#B90X - DAY 77 - Fail to Win



I have a saying, “Execute to learn.” - That’s pretty much what summarizes up my entire life. I execute to learn.

The equation is simple:

  • Execute quickly on an idea
  • Learn something
  • Repeat

The speed of execution is the secret sauce. I get comments now and again about the speed of our execution. People say: “Damn bro, you are churning out daily content, you never miss a day!” I’ve had people comment on how fast we’re building applications for the cryptonation and how quickly we’re running experiments.

That’s the secret sauce!

We’ll never tell anyone that we’re right. Most of the time, we’re not right.

But we work harder than anyone else we know in this space, and our speed of execution is our weapon.

We fail. Oh, we fail a lot. We take time to retrospect our failings, learn something, and repeat. It is only through execution that we can learn what works and what doesn’t work. And when we rise from the failure, we are better equiped with knowledge we didn’t have previously.

I speak to so many startup entrepreneuers that want to build something great in their lives. But let me tell you what I see most of the time:

1 - They don’t show up to work. Every single day.
2 - They don’t execute with speed.

I remember talking with another Youtuber a couple months ago about this. He was so excited to see his Youtube channel grow. And certainly I was suprised too! I was excited for him! I want everyone to win. But here’s the problem.

He’s no longer around.

From what I gather, he didn’t do 1 and 2. He did not show up to work. He did not execute with speed. You see, nothing you do will ever work on the first try. Never. If failure is something that gets you down, then don’t be an entrepreneur. Don’t try to change your life.

Failure is your bedfellow. It will be there every day when you wake up telling you that you suck.

Fuck failure. Failure is my bitch. I own the failure. The failure is mine and mine alone.

Tell us today, where have you failed? Did it slow you down? Or did it invigorate you to try again?

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Duality baby! If you don’t know failure you will never know what success is.


Years ago, I told my best friend that my failures were my biggest successes. He looked at me weird.

Why? My failures taught me never to be afraid. You never know anything unless you experience it for yourself. Knowledge is borrowed, empty. Experience is fulfilling!


Well shit. I feel like every move I make with BTC is a failure because I should’ve done this or shouldn’t have waited for that. I was holding out for a lower dip and missed it, have been watching and waiting for something the experts were predicting. But as with crypto in general, it’s too unpredictable. That far of a dip hasn’t happened yet. Many wrenches were thrown in the works while I was waiting. Manipulation by some big shit heads fucked things up. I failed to buy in when I should have. But hindsight is 20/20. I’m still learning. No way am I missing the boat to the end of the year. I still did my DCA, but my other chunks need to be committed. Today. And in the end, it won’t be a failure, just a learning experience, and I’ll still have won.


I tend to miss calls from suppliers because they call in the morning. I’d rather miss the call and drink caffeine rather than to pick up right when I am waking up and sound dumb.

I also tend to miss dates and events. This might stem from a period where I was younger and realized that there was no payoff for me being a great student. Or at least not the type of payoff that I was looking for.

There are a number of reasons why people do not show up to work and it’s usually some sort of issue in your brain. Seems obvious but people can have a number of issues that they are not even aware of.


hardcore man! this is how it needs to be played… let’s not fuck around with our lives… let’s be intentional, honest, and hardworking!


I failed Sanskrit. That class was super difficult. I didn’t try again, just resolved to study the romance languages.


Hi CryptoNation,

My biggest failure is that I have sold out all my coins, even the Bitcoin. Yes, I have failed) And now I got my lesson:
I was driven by greed. Never do anything with greed and emotions - it’s not a casino here!
Right now I’m calm and I know, that I will have that HOLY Bitcoin on my pocket)
I have failed so many times in programming and studying and the lesson I got - NEVER, EVER GIVE UP!
Be brave and you will be rewarded.

Best regards,
Roman Hapatyn


Peter, I love this video!

Everything can be learning. (And, I only have one masters degree. wink).

I’m sharing this with my crypto friends.
And, I’m going to watch this video with my wife, Sungshim, because we are on the verge of starting a non-profit to help inspire and educate people how to build relationship skills based on the latest brain science that we and our mentors have integrated with theology. Aka, neurotheology.

You are inspiring me.

When the BCH was going bonkers, I was a tiny bit reactive.

Another failure - not telling the truth and speaking up and saying what I see.

I have learned the Wim Hof Method (WHM) and love it! I have done it on and off for a while. But, lately I’ve been off. I need to show up and engage in this simple practice.

Any other WHM fans out there?


Bought EOS and sold it for a loss. not fun. My stupid choice (or unaware choice).


I started my 3rd business in April and closed it in October with thousands of dollars of debt to pay. Failure or lesson or one step closer to a tramendous breakthrough? Not sure but Im getting the mess cleaned up and starting over before the end of the year.


I failed so much in last recent ideas, I don’t want to talk about all my failures in past, unfortunately I really seldom react in the right way to this, usually I change.


My biggest failure is not listening to my own advice. I am emotional and it is what makes me passionate, inspired and full of life. It is also what makes me go way up in happiness and way down when I get disappointed in myself. I am usually disappointed when I know I am doing something that I shouldn’t.

I love this B90X program because it is telling me what I have always told others. Create a plan, execute, measure, adjust the plan…rinse and repeat.

Live with no regrets and work your plan! I have that now on my mirror :slight_smile: Thank you @peter for the welcomed advice!

To Da Moon :rocket::rocket:


My heaviest failure of 2017 was my coming back to playing tennis after 10 years.

At the start I had been gyming hard for the last couple of years so i thought my body would cope fine…NOOOPE.

I was enjoying playing tennis quite heavily again but my body decided to break down in the shoulder & leg pain from the hard play. I was devod, i had to take 3 weeks off so my body would mend, time off the gym & was contemplating giving up playing tennis again.

I talked to my coach, we went over a new gym routine more strength & agility based, tweaked/ changed my service action…I’m fkn stoked I didn’t give up on playing! I’m probably playing the best tennis i’ve ever played more than when i was a junior. I play in the Season grand final this Thursday night of a competition. Have gone this whole season un defeated !

Win or learn, never give up.


My biggest failure was never one specific thing. It was a general arrogance due to having a lot of success too quickly. The result was a measurable slow-down in learning, in personal development. It wasn’t until I started to consider myself the dumbest fuck in the room again, that I was open enough to really start developing.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a very confident person but I now go into every situation thinking about what I can learn instead of what I can show.


@CryptoCretin it is like going from high school to university. You were the coolest kid and now you are just a pleb. Then you get to begin your journey upward top gather and create knowledge for everyone else. Never stop learning! Never stop growing!


My most recent failure was failing to land a medium sized client for work, even bigger failure than that is that I was informed the client was 10x in size what it actually is and relayed that misinformation to my hire ups. Needles to say we did not bid as hard as we would have if the client was the assumed size and that olive branch is going no where. Other recent failures include sticking to daily work/learning and not timeboxing as effectively as I could. Failing fast so I can improve even faster.


Would you join a Sanskrit group in the pub and practice Sanskrit?


I’m not sure how to write Sanskrit with a keyboard but it would interesting to see how the Sanskrit language could be applied to or related to crypto concepts as I’ve been told it’s a very scientific and metaphysical language. Do you speak or write in Sanskrit? I have been wanting to visit India and so many people speak English there too so I figured that would be sufficient. I do like to know some basic greetings and pleasantries in the native language when I visit a foreign country though. However, from my understanding Sanskrit is only used by scholars and wealthy people in India.


What device(s) do you use?

I do speak and write some Sanskrit.

I’ve managed with English and Hindi in India. In some places like in Tamil Nadu it might be even difficult to manage with Hindi.

I can help you with some basics…

I just learned that Sanskrit is only an official language in Uttarakhand with 10.000 speakers by the way…

Sanskrit is interesting in various ways though…

Do you know how long; and/or, which (kind of) places you would like to visit in India?