#B90X - DAY 76 - There Must Be a Business



I’m in the business of helping initiate change. Currently working on my first book.


in the planning stages of my business!


I’m in the business of improving my life at a fundamental level, I need to show up every day because nobody else is going to do it for me.


I’m in the business of obtaining magic internet money and every week I accumulate them with a total amount goal in mind.

Also in the business of creating my best self still in the stage of growing a strong foundation. Still listening to the same 3 audiobooks every week since beginning of the year and willing to listen to them until end of the year for large neural pathways of basic success habits.


Well my business is Dream Maker Customs. I will accept BTC lol. Well my life is my business of course. I’m in it for the long run. I can’t quit on my self now can I? So I’m here as the testament of my conviction. I don’t give up easily. I see way to many cool things that I want to be apart of. so my buisness is cars and crypto now.


You cannot scam an educated person. Its my business to educated my fellow country men and women who wish to take a position and be part of the Cryptocurrency phenomenon. As my mentor puts it work with those willing and who deserve my time. The journey has been amazing so far.


I definitely see the difference between true investors versus the “when lambo?” groups. You can tell who is treating crypto like a business by doing research, answering all their questions, and then committting to an action with an exit strategy in mind versus all these guys you see in chats who just FOMO’d into their current coin asking why is it dropping, this is a scam, etc. Yo, treat it like a business and your outcome will be completely different!