#B90X - DAY 75 - People Change when you go Pro



I already see some people around me changing. Its for the good. I’m getting support from family and friends.
I am no stranger from walking away from old friends that I have deemed to be a pull on my aspirations. I have done it in the past long before B90X.
In the past I moved out of the state that my parents live in. I jokingly say, but there is a glimmer of truth in it, “2000 miles is almost far enough.”
My intention now is to find the successful guy that will push and encourage me. The Pub is full of them, but it would be nice to have that guy in my local area.
As far as new acquaintances, I filter then through my vision and mission. That is compass.


Pretty much all negative people have been cut from my life already, the ones that remain are the ones who have seen or are starting to see the light. Those who want to improve their life and unlock their final form get to stay.

PS: I didn’t get to write this until the next morning since I got home from work at 1030 last night and crashed out instantly, so you’ll see 2 post today. I watched the video yesterday though.